‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’: Episode 1 Recap – a Steamy Night to Start off the K-Drama

Korean drama fans can now watch the highly talked about drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. Starring Jang Ki-yong and Song Hye-Kyo in the leading roles, a photographer and a designer get tangled in a complex, mature, and tantalizing romance. Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 introduces its main characters and a small glimpse into their stories.

The K-drama’s first episode has a lot for fans to look foward to, even a 19+ rating. Fans will find themselves understanding just how cold Ha Young-eun (Song) really is and her dedication to her career. Meanwhile, viewers will fall for Yoon Jae-guk’s (Jang) smooth talk and handsome features. It’s no surprise that fans were eagerly awaiting Jang’s new role while waiting for his return from the military.

Characters Jae-gook and Yeong-eun for 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' at a party facing each other.
Characters Jae-gook and Yeong-eun for ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ | via SBS

A passionate night with a mystery man and Young-eun sets off ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’

The K-drama keeps its promise of having a 19+ rating for its first episode. Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 begins with Young-eun giving a backstory to the fashion industry and its importance. It is the backdrop to the setting of the episode, the first Korean fashion week in Busan. Young-eun is at a club and monologues that one should enjoy the festivities while they can. The scene cuts to her and a mysterious man having a passionate time together in bed.

As Young-eun gets ready to leave, the man speaks to her in French and wants to know her name. She rejects his question and says they will never see each other again. The episode shifts gears to introduce Sok Do-hoon (Kim Joo-hun), a PR rep arriving at the airport. On the phone, he talks with his assistant about a famous photographer known as “Mr. J.” Fans are then introduced to Jae-guk in his hotel room.

While at a restaurant, Young-eun gets a call from Hwang Chi-sook (Choi Hee-seo). Chi-sook is the design director of ‘The One’ and the daughter of the CEO. She calls to tell Young-eun that the model representing their underwear line used her hotel room to cheat on her. Young-eun rushes to the room and confronts the situation.

Have Young-eun and Jae-guk met before?

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Jae-guk enters the elevator and is stunned to see Young-eun enter and later followed by the model. In the hotel’s dining hall, Young-eun comes to an agreement with the model who violated his contract and cheated on Chi-sook. Only a couple of feet away, it is revealed that Do-hoon is close friends with Jae-guk. Viewers learn Jae-guk does not like the idea of marriage and would rather live a carefree life.

Later on, Young-eun is informed Chi-sook had not arrived at the store and finds her in a hotel room lamenting being cheated on. When Chi-sook brings up wanting to be with a man sincerely, she accuses Young-eun, who turned off her phone the other night. Viewers get to see flashbacks of a passionate night Young-eun had.

Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 1 gets interesting when Yeong-eun goes on a blind date in Chi-sook’s place to meet the son of a respected family. The other guest happens to be Jae-guk. When he sees Young-eun, there is a knowing gaze as if they had met before. But Young-eun gives no hint that they have and uses Chi-sook’s name. After dinner, Young-eun learns there is a problem at work and needs a photographer. She manages to convince Jae-guk to do the job, completely unaware of his reputation.

‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ Episode 1 ends with a reveal

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At the photoshoot, viewers can tell that Jae-guk has a fascination with Young-eun. He is well aware that she is not really Chi-sook. As Jae-guk showcases his photographic talents, it is revealed the mystery man Young-eun had a steamy night with was him. Later that night at the hotel, Jae-guk and Do-hoon see the new buyer’s collection of a French designer named Olivier.

Young-eun learns from her team member that Olivier broke his promise and signed with another company. At an after party, she confronts Olivier and shows him her company’s designs and Jae-guk’s photos. But, Olivier admits it was all about money. Jae-guk enters and breaks ties with Olivier who had no idea the photos were his. Young-eun also learns Jae-guk is Mr. J.

Downstairs at the party, Jae-guk confronts Young-eun and asks why she pretended not to recognize him. She answers that she does not have to and that she is returning to Seoul. Jae-guk surprises Yeong-eun by telling her he knew she was not Chi-sook.

Now, We Are Breaking Up is available to stream in Viki.