‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’: Everything We Know About Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong’s New K-Drama

Korean drama fans have been looking forward to the highly anticipated drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. The K-drama was announced earlier in 2021 and stars well-respected actors Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong in the leading roles. Now, We Are Breaking Up gained attention when Jang announced he would enlist in the military after wrapping the K-drama.

Set in the backdrop of the fashion industry, a fashion designer meets a handsome and suave freelance photographer. K-drama fans can look foward to a realistic storyline of what it means to fall in love and the heartbreak of breakups. Fans will also be interested to learn the viewership rating for the K-drama’s premiere episode.

'Now, We Are Breaking Up' main characters for K-drama in photo studio with camera.
Actors Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong for ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ | via SBS

A fashion industry designer gave up on love in ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ K-drama

The upcoming November K-drama focuses on two lead characters. Ha Young-eun (Song) is a steadfast and cold designer for a leading fashion company. She is known for being emotionless and having no regard for love after a failed romance. Her demeanor has led her to be a powerhouse in her career. Everything changes with the arrival of freelance fashion photographer Yoon Jae-guk (Jang). He is the epitome of handsome, charming, and smart – the complete package.

The two characters start a brewing and complex relationship that borders between frustration and pent-up sexual tension. A still image of the two characters’ first encounter is anything but star-crossed gazes. According to Soompi, “the photos spark viewers’ curiosity as Ha Young-eun looks upon Yoon Jae-guk with a cold gaze while he slightly looks away. What is the reason behind such an unromantic meeting between these two, and how will their relationship change as a result?”

The K-drama’s first episode is rated 19+ and promises a mature love story

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What sets the K-drama apart is the context of the overall storyline. The female lead has gone through the wringer and is no stranger to life and its heartbreaks. Now, We Are Breaking Up is not a teenage love story of an easy romance. According to Soompi, the K-drama “draws an extremely realistic love story of a man and woman in their 30s. With her deep emotional spectrum and detailed acting, Song Hye-kyo will portray a romance more relatable than ever.”

Fans will also be intrigued to learn Now, We Are Breaking Up episode 1 is rated 19+ according to KBIZoom. Teasers for the drama depicted some close and steamy scenes between Young-eun and Jae-guk. But, the official trailer reveals much more. While the characters’ faces are hidden, fans see two people in a passionate embrace in bed. To add more intrigue to Young-eun and Jae-guk’s relationship, Jae-guk reveals a small detail.

He says Young-eun is still the closed-off and cool woman she was in Busan. This alludes to the possibility as to why Young-eun is so cold toward the handsome photographer. Now, We Are Breaking Up K-drama will also include a budding romance between the fashion company’s design director Hwang Chi-sook (Choi Hee-seo) and PR representative Seok Do-hoon (Kim Joo-hun).

‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’: Where to watch

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The K-drama will be available to global fans on the streaming platform Viki on Nov.12. Now, We Are Breaking Up will air every Thursday and sticks to the often used 16-episode run. Fans can look foward to an enthralling romance story with mature elements similar to Netflix’s Nevertheless.

Now, We Are Breaking Up marks a significant shift for the main cast as the K-drama was the last project done by Jang before his military enlistment. At the pre-recorded press event, Jang explained, “As I move into my thirties, I thought this was a good opportunity for [portraying] mature acting. I thought that if I was working with this director, I’d be able to complete it healthily, so I really wanted to do it,” according to Soompi.

For Song, the upcoming K-drama is her first in over two years. “As I keep growing one year older, I have many experiences and learn lots, so I chose this drama because I thought that the melodrama I’m portraying this time would have different aspects from ones before,” said Song. K-Pop fans will also watch EXO idol Oh Se-hun in his third on-screen role as Hwang Chi-hyung.