O.J. Simpson’s Son, Justin, Moved to Florida to Escape Scrutiny and Invest in Real Estate

It is hard to believe that 26 years have gone by since the brutal murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. It seems like just yesterday that millions of people were shocked by the news, and later, glued to their television sets watching a low-speed car chase while the Los Angeles police begged Simpson-Brown’s ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, to surrender to law enforcement.

Before long, the trial of the century was underway, and it almost seemed as if that was all anyone could talk about. People were at odds trying to decide if the former football legend and actor was responsible for the double killings, and the details of the trial were quickly making history. 

Many people may not realize that on the night of the tragic murders, which took place just outside Brown-Simpson’s condominium in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, her two young children were at home. Although they didn’t personally witness what happened, this is still something that no child should ever have to experience. Let’s talk about how O.J. Simpson’s son, Justin, moved to Florida to escape scrutiny and invest in real estate.

O.J. Simpson standing with his kids Justin (L) and Sydney (R)
O. J. Simpson w. children Justin and Sydney (R) at Disneyland | Getty Images

Upstairs sleeping while his mother was brutally killed

Justin Simpson was only five years old when he lost his mother in such a tragic way. The family had just come back from a fun-filled night, enjoying a dance recital and later dinner at an upscale Los Angeles restaurant. Chances are, Brown-Simpson tucked in her children as she normally would, and they went off to sleep never knowing that they would never see their mother again. According to Originol, Simpson and his older sister, Sydney, never woke up while the unimaginable crime was taking place, and they remained asleep for several hours before a neighbor discovered the bodies and called the police. What a frightening thing for such young kids to have to go through.

Moving on with his life

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Now that his mother was sadly gone and his father was in jail, what happened to the young Simpson? Romper reports that he spent a great deal of time with Brown-Simpson’s family as well as his father after the older Simpson was ultimately acquitted of the crime. Despite the devastating circumstances that he had gone through, the younger Simpson was kept out of the media spotlight as a young child, since the Brown family felt that was what his mother would have preferred. This allowed him to grieve in private, learn and understand the details of what happened, and find the appropriate method of healing in his own way. Apparently this is just what Simpson needed in order to deal with what he had been through as he transitioned into adulthood.

O.J. Simpson’s son, Justin, moved to Florida to escape scrutiny and invest in real estate

More than two decades have passed, so what is Simpson up to today? Apparently, he is living in Florida and has been very successful in real estate. As an adult, Simpson decided to escape the scrutiny and relocate to a different area, where he is thriving. Tampa Bay reports that the son of the former football player is living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and he is as happy as can be.

Does he have any contact at all with his family? Of course, he does! According to DailyMail, Simpson spends holidays with his father, and he and his sister have a wonderful relationship. For the younger Simpson, it looks like he was able to move on from a very distressing situation, escaping the media drama that very well could have surrounded him, and find happiness and an excellent career that allows him to live life to the fullest.