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Among celebrity chefs, Julia Child is one of the most recognizable names. She has authored several books and published many recipes. Child valued educating people about the art of food, so she had concerns about Food Network’s aim to entertain. 

Child did many exciting things in her life, but cooking did not come until later. She became famous for her recipes soon after preparing meals turned into her passion.

Julia Child’s claim to fame

Julia Child in 1990 during a photo shoot in Hopland, California
Julia Child | George Rose/Getty Images

Before Julia Child started to work with food, she was a star in sports. She played basketball during her time at college. In the end, she decided against pursuing a career in athletics. Instead, her skills in the kitchen led her to fame. 

Child attended a cooking school and later published a best-selling cookbook. The book contained French recipes that Americans could make easily. Her claim to fame happened when she went on television to teach people how to cook. Eventually, Child got her own show called The French Chef in 1963. 

By the end of the show’s 10-year run, Child had become an icon in the culinary world. Many viewers got drawn in by her method of cooking. Child appeared light-hearted and displayed a cheery enthusiasm. The culinary star would go on to write other cookbooks. 

One of Child’s books was a sequel to her first one. She also appeared in other TV programs, including Julia Child & Company. She had a passion for teaching people advanced cooking and wanted to improve food education among children. 

How old was Julia Child when she gained fame?

Many people become famous early in their lives, but Julia Child was not an icon until she was older. According to Best Life, she served in World War II well before she wrote her first cookbook. In 1942, Child joined the Office of Strategic Services as a typist. Eventually, she got promoted to Chief of the OSS Registry. 

After Child married her husband, she developed an interest in learning how to cook. The author got inspired to write her book when her husband had to go to Paris for work. Child was 49 years old when Mastering the Art of French Cooking made her well-known. 

At the age of 51, Child started her first television show. In the latter half of her career, the chef taught people how to prepare food in various other shows. Child became famous for how she revolutionized American cooking. Millions of people saw how relatable Child was in her approach. She is one of several stars who prove that it is never too late to make one’s mark. 

Her impactful legacy


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Julia Child had an incredibly successful career up until she died in 2004. She had a significant impact on American households at the time. Mainly, Child had a lot of influence over wives across the nation, and she was praised by feminists and chefs alike. 

On a few of Child’s television shows, she used her kitchen as her set. Her husband designed the kitchen, and now people can see it in person at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Child also furthered her legacy by establishing a charitable foundation

The organization is called the Julia Child Foundation, and it seeks to promote gastronomy and culinary education. It also creates grants for other non-profits and protects Child’s image. After all, Child opposed celebrity endorsements and did not want her name to get used without permission. 

Today, people still recognize Child as an authentic cook. Those trying out cooking for the first time still buy her recipe books.