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Olivia Leedham, David Eason’s Ex, Has Been Speaking Out Against The Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star for Years

Former 'Teen Mom 2' stars, Jenelle Evans and David Eason have angered a lot of people in recent months, but one person has been speaking out against them for years - Olivia Leedham, David's ex. Find out what she has to say about her former boyfriend!

It looks like a lot of people have a problem with David Eason and his quick temper. He may be a father of three, but he only seems to be on speaking terms with his current baby mama. Prior to marrying Evans in 2017, Eason was married to Whitney Johnson. The pair share a child, but according to Johnson’s husband, the former couple does not speak. He also noted that Eason was abusive towards Johnson during their relationship.

He later entered into a romantic relationship with Olivia Leedham. The former couple shares a 5-year-old son named Kaden. Leedham not only doesn’t speak to Eason, but she also has an order of protection against him. Now, Leedham is speaking out against Eason, and the details of their relationship are disturbing.

Olivia Leedham had an order of protection against David Eason

Eason and Leedham’s relationship was apparently so volatile that the North Carolina native filed a restraining order against her former boyfriend. The order also protected Kaden and awarded Leedham sole physical and legal custody of the boy.

According to Starcasm, the restraining order was awarded after Leedham reported being assaulted by Eason while she was pregnant. According to court documents, Eason pushed Leedham and left her in the middle of the road when she was seven months pregnant. The assault was deemed to be against both Leedham and the child. Eason was arrested in 2016 for violating the order.

In February 2018 Leedham asked a judge to revoke visitation privileges

Sometime in 2017, Leedham decided she’d allow some form of communication between Eason and Kaden. However, the agreement deteriorated quickly. In February 2018, Leedham wrote an emotional appeal that virtually begged a judge to ban Eason from seeing Kaden unsupervised. She noted Eason’s deteriorating mental state and the strife in Evans and Eason’s marriage as reasons why Kaden shouldn’t be allowed on “the land.”

Leedham also noted she was fearful that Eason would commit domestic violence against Evans, and she seems to have been right on with that premonition. In October 2018 and December 2018, Evans placed 911 calls that indicated Eason had become violent. Evans has since tried to explain away the calls.

Kaden is currently not seeing David Eason. He, however, is not a part of the ongoing custody battle. Three of the couple’s five children are included in that battle. Maryssa, 11, was placed in the care of her maternal grandmother in early May. Ensley, 2, was placed in the care of Barbara Evans around the same time. Finally, Kaiser, 4, was placed with his father, Nathan Griffith on May 10. Jenelle’s son from a previous relationship, Jace, 9, remains in the care of his grandmother. His custody arrangement also remains unchanged.

Leedham signed the petition to get Jenelle and David’s other animals taken away

Leedham is now steadfast in her opinion that Eason is a danger to all those around him. Shortly after the death of Nugget, she signed the petition pleading with authorities to arrest David and remove the rest of the animals in Jenelle and David’s care from the home.

The Change.Org petition focused heavily on the couple’s pit bull, Jax. Leedham signed the petition and linked to it on her personal Facebook page. There is clearly bad blood between Evans and David’s baby mama. The former reality TV star and mother of three attempted to bait Leedham, asking her when the last time she attended AA was. Needham didn’t respond to the rude inquiry, according to The Blast.