Olivia Rodrigo Teases ‘Good 4 U’ Snippet in Latest YouTube Video for ‘Sour’ Album and Fans Are Obsessed

May 14 is a big day for Olivia Rodrigo fans — both High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 2 and her new single “good 4 u” will be released. Rodrigo shared an early “good 4 u” teaser for her devoted fans on YouTube showing the kind of vibe that the song has. She also showed some of the music video, which will also be released on the same day. Fans showed immediate support for the fun banger that sounds totally different than both “drivers license” and “deja vu.”

Sour artist Olivia Rodrigo in a black and white sweater and blue jeans
Olivia Rodrigo | Jason Mendez/Getty Images

When is Olivia Rodrigo’s new song ‘good 4 u’ coming out?

Rodrigo shared with her fans on May 10 that her third single “good 4 u” would come out on May 14. She later shared that she would perform the song on Saturday Night Live, likely in addition to “drivers license.” Rodrigo teased “good 4 u” initially with a photo of what we now know is from the music video.

She wore a cheerleader uniform with her hair pinned back. The star had her arms crossed while wearing black gloves, as she was surrounded by school lockers. The picture had a burnt effect on top of it, as well.

Now, Rodrigo shared an early snippet of “good 4 u” for her YouTube fans — and people are already loving the third single. Even though Rodrigo only shared a few lines, the reaction is already positive.

Olivia Rodrigo teased her third single ‘good 4 u’ in YouTube video

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Rodrigo’s latest YouTube video took fans through behind-the-scenes clips of making “drivers license” and “deja vu” as well as the accompanying music videos. At the end of the clip, Rodrigo surprised fans with a short snippet of her third single, “good 4 u.”

In the snippet she shared, Rodrigo can be heard singing: “Well good for you, you look happy and healthy. Not me, if you ever cared to ask.”

At the end of the YouTube video, Rodrigo teased one last line from the song: “Well good for you, I guess you moved on really easily.”

The music video clips that Rodrigo shared of “good 4 u” matched some of her Instagram posts about the song. She wore a blue cheerleader uniform in some parts of the video.

In another clip of the “good 4 u” music video, Rodrigo walked through a forest area while grey smoke blew around her. The final clip showed Rodrigo entering a pool in the uniform while wearing black gloves.

“We’re on the last shot of the ‘good 4 u’ music video,” Rodrigo shared. “We’re at this pool — I have butterflies in my stomach.”

Fans reacted to the teaser of Olivia Rodrigo’s song ‘good 4 u’

Fans replied on the YouTube video expressing their uncontainable excitement for the “good 4 u” snippet.

“Is no one talking about how freaking good ‘good 4 u’ sounds,” one fan wrote. “Like bruh I can already see myself screaming it on full blast in the car this summer.”

Another fan compared it to a Taylor Swift song: “The ‘good 4 u’ song was giving me ‘Better Than Revenge’ kinda vibe. And I am already loving it.”

Someone else said they were getting early-aughts feelings from it.

“‘Good 4 u’ is giving me early 2000s vibes from what I can hear so far and I love it,” the fan wrote.

“Good 4 u” comes out on May 14.