Omarion Says He’s Releasing an Essential Oil Called ‘Unbothered’ So Everyone Can Experience It

Omarion is truly unbothered. Last year, there was a social media blitz when it was revealed his ex-girlfriend Apryl Jones and ex-bandmate Lil’ Fizz were in a relationship.

People skewered Jones—with whom Omarion shares two children—and also side-eyed Lil’ Fizz for being together. As the media, Love & Hip Hop fans, and interested netizens digested this information, many wondered how Omarion felt.

It took him a while to speak out, but he was very calm about it. “Unbothered” was the term people used to describe the former B2K singer. In the spirit of that word and what is means, Omarion has plans to release a natural product so others can embrace the same feeling.

Omarion attends the Build Series, March 2020 | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Omarion became an inspiration for Apryl Jones-Lil Fizz situation

Omarion’s interview with DJ Vlad went viral after he explained his feelings about his ex and former B2K group mate getting together. In a nutshell, he didn’t care. As Vlad tried to cajole some negative feedback from the singer, Omarion kept it cool didn’t want to badmouth the mother of his children.

“I don’t feel no ways. If they’re happy, then they should be happy,” he said. His reaction went viral and many fans said they aspired to be as chill and unbothered as him. Soon, a flurry of Omarion memes popped up with messages about staying calm in the face of drama.

In November 2019, he went viral again after announcing the new Millennium tour on Lil Fizz’s birthday without including B2K on the roster. The first Millennium tour featured B2K and reportedly, Jones and Fizz affected the group when they were on the road. But according to what Omarion told Billboard, he tuned them out.

“To be completely honest with you, in order to really, really understand what you’re doing, you have to know yourself. You have to really know yourself. Over the years with me maturing as an artist and as a person, I really learned to keep things in perspective,” he said.

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Omarion releasing essential oil to match ‘Unbothered’ song

In a time when celebrities such as Drake, Erykah Badu, and Gwyneth Paltrow are hocking scented candles and incense, Omarion is jumping in the game. As an accompaniment to his single “Unbothered” (which arrived in October), the R&B singer is dropping an essential oil with the same name.

Omarion appeared on Fox Soul’s The Mix to discuss his new music, an upcoming documentary, and emotional maturity. When asked about his latest song and being “the epitome of unbothered,” the R&B singer stated he wanted to spread the concept of emotional intelligence.

“Really ‘Unbothered’ is about being smart enough and intelligent enough to know when to have a conversation or to not react. And this is called emotional maturity. It’s really great to have; it’s really great to be responsible for 90% of your own happiness,” he said.

Omarion shared that the song is part of a soundtrack for his five-part documentary, and it’s also serving as inspiration behind the scent he’s developing. He said that he’s glad he had the chance to embody the meaning of the word “unbothered.” He speaks on it around the 31:00 minute mark.

Though Omarion didn’t reveal a date for the oil product, fans can download the entire Kinection album on his website.