‘On My Block’ Season 3: How Monse and Cesar Became the Least Favorite Characters

On March 11, Netflix dropped season three of On My Block and the audience crammed each episode like finals’ week. Fans couldn’t wait to discover who kidnapped the crew at the end of season two, and we finally learned who was behind it.

That set off the entire plot for this installment, and once again, Jamal, Ruby, Monse, Cesar, and honorary squad member Jasmine were forced to solve another mystery to get themselves out of a jam.

Throughout the eight episodes, their bonds were tested with each other and within their families. Those moments were funny, sad, and at times, ridiculous.

Up to this point, Monse and Cesar had their own special love thing going on within the friends’ circle, but season three had them acting in ways that annoyed some fans – breakup or not. [Spoiler Alert]

'On My Block' season 3
‘On My Block’ season 3 | Kevin Estrada/Netflix

Let’s talk about this season’s MVPs

First, shall we take a moment to acknowledge fan favorites for season three of On My Block? Jamal, with his comedic timing, enterprising spirit (grilling chicken on pavement?), and detective skills lock him in as a fan favorite. And that whole weird Kendra thing was gold.

Jasmine’s sassy-sweet disposition and ride-or-die BFF qualities were shining in season three. Underneath her stalker behavior, brashness, and bad fashion sense is a heart of gold and desire to help anyone who needs it.

Last but not least, Spooky – who doesn’t want a ghost on him – always comes through in the clutch for these kids. Always.

Monse is holding grudges

It’s understood that part of this series’ charm is watching the coming-of-age aspect of it unfold. These are teenagers in the thick of growing up in their unique circumstances.

But this season, Sierra Capri’s Monse was seemingly mad at everyone, but it’s a good thing Jasmine was around to ground her and give her perspective.

Viewers wanted her to heal from the disappointment with her mother, but that experience caused her to be angry with Cesar for “not being there” and pouting for a few episodes. She strung him along and then iced him out, and then warmed up to him again.

Monse went on a drunken rant against Spooky about how he ruined Cesar’s life, and then kissed him. He promptly shut it down and later, Cesar wasn’t even mad about it.

But Monse was angry that Cesar wasn’t angry about the kiss. What gives? Fans weren’t pleased with her bratty actions but by the season’s end, she mellowed out and was thankful for her friends, especially after her mom died.

Cesar is sort of selfish

If there’s one person viewers were rooting for it’s been Cesar. He’s had a rough time since season one, but this time, Ruby rightfully put him in his place after he complained about his friends.

He conveniently forgot Ruby got shot and Olivia died because of his beef with Latrelle. He also forgot that Jamal went on a treasure hunt and found the RollerWorld money to maneuver him out of his gang obligations to the Santos.

We like that he and Monse worked on their relationship, but Cesar annoyed plenty of fans on Twitter and Reddit alike this season.

By the end, everyone was shown going their own separate ways, so who knows if this group will mature and find the groove that made their friendship so special? Fans are hoping for a season four to find out.