‘On My Block’: Why Fans are Clamoring for a Season 4

Who knew that season three of On My Block would start trending within hours of its release?

If you’re not up to speed on the teen dramedy, it’s about a group of friends from a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood trying to navigate their friendships and the inner-city drama that surrounds them. Catch up on the Netflix hit.

For those of you who have been riding along since the first season, you’re probably still stewing in shock over the ending. You stayed up all night, risked being late for school or work, or broke your binge session into two chunks only to have your heart broken. What next?

These kids have been through a lot since the first season, and fans don’t feel like it’s truly a wrap for Ruby, Jamal, Cesar, Monse, and Jasmine. Here’s why everyone wants season four to happen. [Spoiler alert: Do not read if you haven’t watched On My Block yet]

'On My Block' season 3
‘On My Block’ season 3 | Netflix

Find Lil’ Ricky

There’s a collective internet voice yelling out, “But we never found Lil’ Ricky!” This is a dangling plot that started out as an assignment from Cuchillos, and even though she’s dead, inquiring minds still want to know what happened to Lil’ Ricky.

He’s responsible for the Santos’ origins and the heist. Although, Cuchillos claimed to be the mastermind behind the RollerWorld robbery, viewers want to know the full story.

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They need to mend their broken friendships

Two years into the future, the band is separated. What happened? It’s the ending that has everyone upset. Monse’s put everyone on the back burner, Jamal and Ruby aren’t speaking senior year, and Cesar is exactly what he didn’t want to be: the Santos’ leader.

Fans are happy Jasmine and Ruby have each other, but demand to know why all the friends split up and want a reconciliation. It’s senior year and they need to get it together. We’re looking at you, Jamal and Ruby. What does Abuelita say?

People miss Chivo

The gnomes were teasing everyone early in the season but all we heard was Chivo’s voice. Fans miss the quirky but wise gangster who could have filled in some blanks about Lil’ Ricky. Fans want Chivo to pop up in season four to help tie up loose ends.

Someone needs to talk Cesar out of the gang

It could be a fruitless pursuit, but it’s possible for Cesar to leave the street life behind. He’s the reason the kids gave up the RollerWorld money and risked their lives snooping around looking for Lil’ Ricky.

If Monse, Jamal, or Ruby can’t talk Cesar out of being a gangster, Spooky or his father may have to show up and give him some tough love. Maybe they’ll pull him out of a bad situation with the Santos or rival gangs in season four.

The last episode felt like a finale, but so many unanswered questions remain. Does Monse’s dad really have a connection to the Prophets? Did Spooky and Cesar have a falling out?

It’s too early to tell if Netflix will renew On My Block for at least one more season to follow the crew through their senior year, but if it happens, fans will show up.