‘One Chicago’ Fans Have Mixed Opinions On Sylvie Brett and Hailey Upton’s Style

‘One Chicago’ is an epic TV empire from the creative mind of Dick Wolf. The three shows included in the realm are Chicago P.D., Chicago Fireand Chicago Med. The characters seamlessly cross over, with a unique storyline continuity not found in many other shows.

Since 2012, fans have tuned into the action-packed shows and cannot seem to get enough of the long-running series. However, there is one point of contention that leaves viewers scratching their heads. Many can’t help but wonder what’s up with the wardrobe department?

Sylvie and Hailey play key characters on the NBC crime drama series

Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, and Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz act during a scene on Chicago Fire
(L-R) Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, and Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz on Chicago Fire | Adrian Burrows/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Actor Kara Killmer plays the role of paramedic Sylvie Brett. She was introduced in season 3 of Chicago Fire to replace Leslie Shay, who died in a fiery explosion.

According to the Wiki Fandom, Brett lived in a small rural town in Indiana. After experiencing a painful breakup, she moved to Chicago and became part of the Firehouse 51 team. Currently, rumors are swirling that she might leave the show after the departure of Matt Casey in season 10.

Hailey Upton, portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos, is a detective for the Intelligence Unit on Chicago P.D. She is engaged to her partner, Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). Fans gave them the ship name of Upstead.

Upton joined the cast of the NBC police drama in 2017 with a recurring role in season four. Producers gave her a principal role in season five, making her character a permanent fixture in the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department.

‘One Chicago’ fans say the wardrobe choices are questionable

Despite Brett’s undeniable sex appeal, her wardrobe does little to enhance her appearance. Not to mention, most of the time, she is wearing an unattractive paramedic uniform.

A Reddit thread recently questioned the One Chicago wardrobe choices for both Upton and Brett. Fans of the shows have mixed opinions. But for the most part, most think the clothing the women are wearing is boring, dowdy, and downright ugly.

A Reddit user claimed that sometimes the outfits are “super cute,” but other times the women wear “the ugliest tops I’ve ever seen.” Someone suggested the “dowdy” clothes are probably from Brett’s early days living in Fowler, Indiana.

Upton got pulled into the discussion when a fan mentioned her “camo, red plaid shirts, and low-mid-waist jeans,” saying, “it doesn’t get worse than that.”

Some of the sweaters are cute

Not everyone dislikes the style choices. Some fans say they really liked Brett’s knitwear collection in Season nine. Others said they wanted the sweaters for themselves and spent as much as $300 to replicate the style.

For those that want to purchase Brett’s sweaters this fall, check out Shop Your TV. A popular look for Brett was a bright yellow Rag & Bone Pamela v-neck sweater she wore for episode 14, “What Comes Next.” While the yellow is currently sold out at ShopBop, black and white options are available for $275.

In episode 12, Brett wore a red Madewell Space Dye button side crewneck sweater. The piece is available from Nordstrom for $98 and is currently on sale for $40.97, making it one of the most affordable options in Brett’s collection.

One of the pricier sweaters is a Rag & Bone Lena sweater that Brett wore in “Natural Born Firefighter.” The royal blue knit is available for $395 at Saks Fifth Avenue, but Nordstrom has a white version of the same sweater on sale for $158.00.

So, while both Upton and Brett have slightly questionable wardrobes, there are a few pieces worthy of consideration for those who want to look like their favorite leading ladies.

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