‘One Chicago’ Fans Think ‘Chicago Med’ Might Get Canceled

Chicago Med is part of the One Chicago trilogy. However, from the perspective of One Chicago fans, this might change. The viewers are not happy about many things involving the spinoff, especially the lack of promotion it experiences.

Recently, fans speculated about the future of Chicago Med. Many expressed concern over the show’s progression or lack thereof compared to the other Chicago shows.

‘Chicago Med’ fans air their grievances

Chicago Med fans took to Reddit, expressing that they feel the show should air at an appropriate time when more viewers are available. They also hope for more scenes from their favorite characters. Such responses are from ardent fans who have watched the show and other flagship content, like Chicago Fire, known for its action sequences. 

These differences between each Chicago series make it frustrating specifically because Chicago Med centers on representing sad scenes inside hospital walls. These observations make the fans think NBC might cancel the show soon. After all, in the past few years, NBC has canceled many dramas including Abby’s, Better Late than Never, Bluff City Law, and Council of Dads.

Fans are not the only ones who feel this way. Even critics are starting to become more critical about NBC’s choices. Many think Chicago Med is part of a three-pronged attack with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Why fans think NBC may cancel Chicago Med

Chicago Med's Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead
Nick Gehlfuss portrays Dr. Will Halstead on Chicago Med | George Burns Jr/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Their thoughts are attributable to many reasons. Chicago Med had a high rating but now has the lowest viewership among the three shows, as the Hollywood Reporter details. This result is a drop considering the show led in viewership among the three series in February 2021.

The initial two seasons were often disorganized, making it hard for viewers to follow. Several cast members who gained traction with the viewers were swapped out or cut, which may have contributed to this sentiment as well. A section of the audience may have stopped watching altogether. 

Most of the plots explore hospital politics instead of focusing on patients’ cases. This theme experimentation could have also generated this shift in characters. As a countermeasure, the production team began focusing on related patient cases involving the main characters.

Another reason: There is only so much you can do with medical shows. The show’s writing team might have contributed to the rating drop, too. For instance, there were only two time skips in the second season, occurring at the beginning and at the end. Fans anticipated that there would be more moving forward and backward in time in the ensuing seasons, which confused many viewers.

Finally, the lack of star power also increases the likelihood of the show’s cancellation. Although franchise producer Dick Wolf has employed many actors, like Nick Gehlfuss and Yaya DaCosta, he does not have a “household name.” The other two Chicago shows have at least one famous star such as Jason Beghe, Taylor Kinney, Jesse Lee Soffer, and Patrick John Flueger.

‘Chicago Med’ might still get canceled 

Chicago Med is a medical drama that follows the lives of doctors at a Chicago hospital. Viewers highly ranked the show in its first season. But there has been a decline in viewership since then. 

Many people believe it’s because of poor plotlines and recent changes to the cast. It can be challenging to follow the episodes. There are also no power players on the show anymore. The few remaining original characters have lost their luster or role within the series altogether.

Finally, maintaining storylines about medicine can be difficult when you’re dealing with prime-time network TV standards. Retrospectively, an actual hospital setting has events happening 24/7 without interruption from commercial breaks or other obligations like filming schedules. NBC will ultimately have to cancel this show unless they make significant changes.

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