‘One Day At A Time’ Season 4: Here’s How You Can See Episodes Early

The Netflix series One Day At A Time may have been canceled, but it later found a new home on Pop TV. Now, Season 4 is in the works. And a few lucky people will get to watch it before it airs. Read on to learn more.

The ‘One Day At A Time’ reboot originally aired on Netflix

'One Day At A Time' Season 3 premiere
‘One Day At A Time’ Season 3 premiere | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

One Day At A Time was originally a CBS sitcom that aired on the network for an impressive nine seasons. It followed a woman, Ann, as she worked to raise her two children after her divorce. It also depicted their friendship with their landlord, Schneider.

The remake takes the above components while changing a few things. The series follows a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles, and the single mother in question has a son and a daughter, rather than two daughters. Her own mother also lives with them.

It has been nominated for awards

The new One Day At A Time has been praised for many reasons. It has managed to maintain the old premise and timelessness of family while updating the issues, as well as adding in a lot of diversity. And fans have reacted positively.

The series has even been nominated for numerous awards. In addition to three Emmy nominations (and one win) for editing, One Day At A Time is up for Best Comedy Series at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards. Rita Moreno is also nominated for Best Support Actress In A Comedy Series.

‘One Day At A Time’ was canceled (and uncanceled)

The first three seasons of One Day At A Time were highly regarded by critics and fans alike. However, in March 2019, about a month after Season 3 was released, Netflix announced that the show had been canceled. Creator Gloria Calderón Kellett then shared that the search was on for a new home.

As fans rallied around the show, months passed. Then, on June 27, 2019, Pop TV, which is owned by CBS’ parent company, announced that it had picked ODAAT up for a fourth season. There’s no word yet as to whether or not the show will go beyond that.

When does Season 4 premiere?

It didn’t take long for Season 4 of One Day At A Time to get into motion. Over the past several months, Kellett has kept the internet apprise as pre-production began. And she recently revealed that ten out of 13 episodes are broken (meaning they have laid out the major plot elements for most of the season).

So when will Season 4 begin? You can expect to see the Alvarez family back on your TV screen in March 2020. Unlike with Netflix, it appears as though these episodes will be dropping week by week, so stay tuned for official dates in the new year.

See a live taping of ‘ODAAT’

Of course, if you really can’t wait to see the stars in action, you’re in luck! Being a classic sitcom, this is a show that requires a live audience. And you can be a part of it if you live in (or are traveling to) Los Angeles.

Kellett shared twelve dates (originally, she shared all 13, but amended this to add that one episode would not be filmed in front of a live audience) beginning at the end of Jan. and ending in mid-May. So if you want to see how One Day At A Time is made, get on it now!