‘One Day at a Time’ Season 4 Will Address These Issues

One Day at a Time has been saved. Netflix canceled the revival of the classic sitcom after three seasons, but Pop heard the fans and brought One Day at a Time back for a fourth season. Penelope (Justina Machado), Elena (Isabella Gomez) and Alex Alvarez (Marcel Ruiz) will be back with their grandmother Lydia (Rita Moreno) and, of course, Schneider (Todd Grinnell).

One Day at a Time
ONE DAY AT A TIME | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

One Day at a Time creator Gloria Calderon Kellet was at Pop’s party for the Television Critics Association to talk to reporters about One Day at a Time. Here is what she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet we can look forward to in season 4. One Day at a Time returns next year, 2020 on Pop.

They already had an idea for season 4 of ‘One Day at a Time’

When the news came that Netflix was not renewing One Day at a Time, Kellett was already thinking of ideas for season 4. Pop will inherit those ideas.

One Day at a Time
ONE DAY AT A TIME | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

“I’m always thinking about what they’re doing next,” Kellett said. “They don’t shut up. Mike [Royce] and I are constantly texting each other funny things that my mom is doing or my dad’s doing or my kids are doing. It’s very much a reflection of our lives so we’re really, really thrilled to tell more stories because we have tons more to say.”

When the kids grow up they inspire more ‘One Day at a Time’ storylines

Kids grow up fast, so every season finds Gomez and Ruiz at dramatically different ages. By the time they begin filming season 4, Kellett can write some serious dating and graduation stories for Elena and Alex.

Justina Machado and Marcel Ruiz
Justina Machado and Marcel Ruiz | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

“Now they’re dating in real life too,” Kellett said. “Whenever we see Marcel it’s like he’s a man. It’s crazy. Elena will be applying  to colleges. She’s a senior in high school and Alex is in high school now as well, seeing what these kids are going through and how this mother is talking to them about the world and making it a little bit less scary.”

Season 4 will explore Penelope’s professional and personal life 

Penelope went into business for herself, which makes work harder, and also keeps her too busy to date.

Justina Machado and Rita Moreno
Justina Machado and Rita Moreno | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

“Penelope is a nurse practitioner now,” Kellett said. “She has a new more difficult job. She’s stepping into that. She’s dating still. She has not yet found a romantic partner and isn’t sure that she necessarily wants one. I think it’s going to be just more about what this family is dealing with.”

Lydia has more she wants to do in season 4 but she can’t do it all

Lydia never let age stop her from leading a fulfilling life. That may get a tad more challenging for her in season 4.

Rita Moreno in One Day at a Time
Rita Moreno in One Day at a Time | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

“Then we have Rita’s character who has her bucket list and has been able to do all these things on that list and has to reframe what she wants her act three to look like,” Kellett said. 

‘One Day at a Time’ season 4 will still deal with serious subjects

One of the reasons the fans are so passionate about One Day at a Time is because the show speaks to the real-life issues that people are facing today. Season 4 will continue to address them.

Todd Grinnell and Justina Machado
Todd Grinnell and Justina Machado | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

“Schneider is in a relationship with somebody he loves and he’s also in recovery,” Kellett said. “Penelope’s therapy group is one that we love. In that group we have a disabled actress and a trans actress who have been integral in making our stories about veterans and what’s going on with veterans in this country even more special. So we want to get into that a little bit more as well.” 

‘One Day at a Time’ will have to address the border crisis in season 4

Kellett teamed up with the creators of Vida to raise money for RAICES Texas to help reunite families separated at the border. One Day at a Time already dealt with immigration when one of Elena’s friends had her parents deported, so Kellett plans to address the developing crisis.

Isabella Gomez in One Day at a Time | Ali Goldstein/Netflix

“That’s a personal thing that we are passionate about,” Kellett said. “Certainly I feel like Elena will have a lot to say about that. I think certainly this family would have a lot to say about that. So we don’t know what that story looks like per se, but it’s something that I think we will talk.”

Wait and see about season 4 before you start asking about season 5

Season 4 of One Day at a Time won’t be on until next year. Pop is going to have to see how the show does on cable, coming off streaming, before it decides to keep going. However, Kellett has plenty of story ideas for a fifth season and even more.

“It’s several more years,” Kellett said. “We have lots more stories. We have so much. 13 episodes isn’t going to cover it. We need a couple more years. Just tell Pop right now. We need a few more years.”