One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Says He Would Tattoo These Lyrics From His Song From ‘Walls’ Album

Louis Tomlinson‘s album Walls came out in January 2020. While that was more than a year ago, the One Direction star discussed what lyrics he would want tattooed on him. The star has several tattoos all over his body, and honoring his work as a songwriter and musician seems only fitting to add to his existing artwork already. These are the lyrics Tomlinson said he would get tattooed on him from Walls.

Louis Tomlinson in a sweater at an interview
Louis Tomlinson | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction has several tattoos

Tomlinson has a slew of tattoo art all over his body. The star’s designs include a dagger, a horseshoe, a heart, a skull, a Tic Tac Toe board, and a tied rope. He also has a tattoo of The Rogue, which commemorates his band he was in before One Direction.

Tomlinson also has a compass, blank quotation marks, the word “Oops,” and “It is what it is.” During the One Direction days, Tomlinson would show up with new tattoos all the time. But fans haven’t been able to see any new art he might have gotten in 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and his tour being on hold.

Louis Tomlinson said he would get these lyrics from ‘Walls’ as a tattoo

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While promoting his first solo album Walls, Tomlinson was asked in an interview which of his own lyrics he would get tattooed on himself.

“I did think I’m gonna get the title at some point, I’m gonna get Walls,” the star said.

Tomlinson revealed that he hasn’t gotten a new tattoo in years and getting one to commemorate Walls would be appropriate. “I should probably get one for the album,” he explained.

“But a lyric that always stands out to me that I thought was a big moment for me, that lyric’s in ‘Habbit,'” he stated.

Tomlinson quoted the lyrics: “I took some time cause I’ve ran out of energy of playing someone I heard I’m supposed to be / But honestly I don’t have to choose anymore / And it’s been ages, different stages / Come so far from Princess Park.”

“I always liked that one,” he concluded.

Louis Tomlinson released his first solo album ‘Walls’ in January 2020

The lyrics Tomlinson would want to tattoo (if he hasn’t gotten them already) are from his song “Habit” from Walls. The song is seventh on the album, with Tomlinson credited as the first writer on the track. Tomlinson showed off his songwriting skills on Walls, which he honed in his five years in One Direction. Of all the members in the band, Tomlinson wrote the most songs.

The former One Direction member wrote on all 12 of the album’s songs for Walls. He just signed with BMG, a new record label, indicating that his sophomore album is in the future. Tomlinson will be touring Walls in 2022 after rescheduling it multiple times due to coronavirus.

You can listen to Walls on Spotify and Apple Music.