One of Ellen DeGeneres’ Top Employees Had a Matt Lauer-Esque Button Under His Desk

Over the last few months, Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most successful talk show hosts in the history of TV, has come under fire more and more. While many former Ellen staff members accuse DeGeneres and her other top employees of a hostile workplace, the accusations have gotten more serious recently. One producer for the Ellen DeGeneres show recently was accused of employing a Matt Lauer-style door button.

A producer for Ellen DeGeneres contributed to the toxic workplace

Ellen DeGeneres staff
Andy Lassner, Jonathan Norman, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin, and Kevin Leman attend the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

According to BuzzFeed’s recent exposé, executive producer Ed Glavin was one of the Ellen staffers named by former employees.

Alums claimed Glavin “touched them in a way that made them uncomfortable by rubbing their shoulders and back, as well as placing his hand around their lower waist.”

“Dozens of former employees also said Glavin ‘had a reputation for being handsy with women,’ especially in the control room, and managed the team through fear and intimidation,” BuzzFeed reported.

However, one of the creepiest things to come out of the story (as if we could pick just one) was the alleged connection to NBC host Matt Lauer.

“Five former employees also said they saw Glavin use a button at his desk to remotely shut his office door ‘as an intimidation tactic’ during reprimands,” the publication reported.

“It seemed like a power move, more than anything,” an Ellen alum shared.

The Matt Lauer button: how common is it?

These types of buttons are not necessarily rare in the entertainment industry, according to Architectural Digest. Several executives reported employing this type of button in their own workplace. However, the connection to Lauer isn’t exactly great.

Also, there were more issues with Glavin that simply the button, per former staffers.

“Ex-workers also said they were uncomfortable when Glavin used his private shower in his office bathroom,” BuzzFeed wrote. A former staff member for Ellen explained:

You’d be going into his office for an important meeting and the shower door is open and you’re like, that’s a little weird. The shower is right when you walk in on the right. Before you even see his desk, you see his shower. He’d be openly showering and going into meetings with wet hair.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen’s Game of Games | Mike Rozman/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Imagges

BuzzFeed spoke with a total of 47 Ellen staff members that “said Glavin led with intimidation and fear on a daily basis.”

“One former employee said when they turned in their notice, Glavin flipped over a table and chair while screaming,” the publication continued.

“Glavin did not respond to a request for comment regarding the allegations prior to publication,” BuzzFeed confirmed. As to whether DeGeneres herself knew about these issues is up in the air. However, one former Ellen staff member shared:

For someone who’s so involved in the show and the creative aspect, and having been in those meetings with her, it’s very hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she doesn’t hear the same whispers. Unless she really is just in this bubble.