One of Joe Rogan’s Best Friends Revealed Just How Generous He Is

Joe Rogan’s podcast has only been getting more popular since it started in 2009. He’s a big supporter of other comics (except when he’s not), and one of the people whose career he’s encouraged is the fellow stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer

Kreischer credits Rogan with helping his career in a significant way, but that’s not the only generous thing Rogan has done for him. It sounds like he’s the kind of friend everyone wishes they had. 

Their friendship was boosted in an unusual way

For four years now Rogan has done “Sober October” with Kreischer, along with comedians Tom Segura and Ari Shaffir. The month-long event started in the UK, and the original intent was to take a break from alcohol so you can approach it in a healthier way. Once Rogan and his friends tried it they expanded it to include giving up drugs and making an effort to lose weight and get more fit. 

After the 2017 Sober October, Rogan talked about the experience on his show. He shared that it was good for him to step away from the alcohol and weed, but it also gave him an appreciation for the way that spending time with his friends while they were in an altered state had helped them really bond. He felt that it enabled them to really open up and share their feelings on a deeper level. 

While not everyone is going to ascribe to his theory of deepening friendships, it seems to have worked for him and Kreischer. 

Joe Rogan has a lot to give

Rogan’s career has taken him lots of places. He’s done kickboxing competitions, stand-up, acted in television shows like News Radio, and even hosted the reality show Fear Factor. Along the way, he’s earned some decent money, but his podcast is probably the thing that’s made him the most. He gets about $75,000 for each episode, and altogether he’s reportedly worth about $40 million. 

Rogan is obviously not the only multi-millionaire in the world, but he seems to be exceptional in how willing he is to share his wealth. Kreischer, in particular, has a lot to thank him for. 

He boosts other comedians’ careers

Kreischer has spoken in the past about how comedy used to be more of a cut-throat business, but podcasts have changed the atmosphere, and now comedians are able to support each other more. He feels like his friend deserves a lot of credit for this change. 

“Look at [Joe] Rogan, probably the most prolific name in comedy right now” he pointed out. “Type any comic’s name into Google Trends and you’ll see a huge spike the day they went on Rogan.”

His generosity doesn’t stop there

Joe Rogan sitting in front of a laptop
Joe Rogan | Vivian Zink/Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Kreischer appeared on The Pat McAfee show recently, and one of the things he talked about was how generous Rogan is, almost to a fault. “You gotta be careful with what you say around him, because if you say something like ‘Yeah, I was looking at smokers the other day,’ the next day there’s a smoker at your house.”

It’s well-known that Rogan is a fitness buff. Once Kreischer mentioned that he was working on running, so he jumped in to help. “I was running on treadmills, I was saying that I could run a seven minute mile, and Joe’s like, ‘That’s not real running! That’s not real running!’ The next day there’s Air Assault fitness trainer at my house. It’s like a $5,000 treadmill.”

There are lots of financial success stories to admire, but it sounds as though Rogan has unlocked a special level of achievement. He’s also shown the willingness to spread his good fortune around to friends and family.