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  • One Piece Episode 1014 has been delayed.
  • The move follows a cyberattack on Toei Animation.
  • One Piece fans will know more about the anime’s schedule after March 20.
'One Piece 1,000' graphic featuring all of the anime's characters
Key art for ‘One Piece 1,000’ | ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

One Piece Season 20 has been chugging along at a steady pace, but the anime will see a shift in its schedule starting with episode 1014. Due to a hack at Toei Animation, future One Piece installments could be pushed back indefinitely. This is due to a Toei Animation hack the company is currently attempting to resolve. Here’s what we know so far.

Why is ‘One Piece’ Episode 1014 delayed?

On March 11, Toei Animation published a press release stating that the company’s network was “compromised by a third party on March 6.” Toei didn’t reveal specifics about the cyberattack, but it noted that an investigation is underway. And in the meantime, the company will turn off parts of its internal system.

Because of that, it looks like One Piece fans could see future episodes delayed indefinitely. The official One Piece website suggested as much, revealing that the anime’s production and broadcast would be impacted:

“As announced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd. at 11:00 on March 11 (Friday), the internal network of Toei Animation Co., Ltd. received unauthorized access by a third party on March 6 (Sunday), and the internal system Some have stopped. We would like to inform you that the impact of this has hindered the progress of program production and will affect future broadcasting schedules.”

One Piece Episode 1014 had already been delayed a week due to the Nagoya Women’s Marathon. Because of the hack, it will no longer be broadcast on March 20.

The statement didn’t give insight on when we might see One Piece Episode 1014. However, it shared that updates about the Wano Country Arc will arrive sometime after March 20.

‘One Piece’ will announce post-hack release schedule after March 20

Although One Piece Episode 1014 doesn’t have a new release date as of this writing, fans can look for updates about the delayed installment after March 20. According to the anime’s website and Twitter account, scheduling news will be posted on

Naturally, this comes as a disappointment to those looking forward to One Piece‘s weekly releases. In its statement, One Piece thanked viewers for their patience.

It seems possible this delay could push back the rest of season 20. However, fans will have to wait for more details to know what the broadcasting schedule looks like. In addition to One Piece, several other anime also saw shake-ups because of the Toei Animation hack. Which ones are facing delays?

Other anime also delayed over Toei Animation hack


‘One Piece’ Episode 1,000: Fans Are Thrilled With This Love Letter to the Long-Running Anime

One Piece Episode 1014 is just one installment delayed because of the Toei Animation hack. Several others under the Toei umbrella are looking at schedule changes as well.

According to IGN, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Digimon Ghost Game, and Delicious Party: Pretty Cure are among the series that will be impacted. Viewers need to keep their eyes peeled for new release dates, as well as updates on the Toei hack.

In the meantime, this gives fans a chance to catch up on One Piece Season 20 and rewatch recent installments. Hopefully, they won’t be waiting too long for new content. The Straw Hats’ recent adventures were really starting to pick up.