Here’s What Oprah Thinks Of Lil Yachty, Drake, And DaBaby’s Song, ‘Oprah’s Bank Account’

Lil Yachty’s music video for his song “Oprah’s Bank Account,” featuring Drake and DaBaby, was the talk of social media earlier last month when it released. Now, Oprah has given her two cents about being referenced in the rap song.

Oprah | Steve Jennings/Getty Images

‘Oprah’s Bank Account’ was released earlier this year

Lil Yachty’s “Oprah’s Bank Account” was a surprise release on March 9, 2020, as the first single from his upcoming album, Lil Boat 3. The song features an Oprah reference in the hook: “You look as good as Oprah’s bank account / I just wanna take you out.”

The music video was released on the same day. It featured Lil Yachty portraying Oprah in skits featuring both Drake and DaBaby. Director X helmed the music video.

Lil Yachty’s “Boprah” character is a hilarious riot as he taps into Oprah in her ’90s heyday à la “you get a car, you get a car, and you get a car!”

In the portion of the music video with Drake, they joke about new music and today’s rappers, specifically mumble rap, which Yachty is known for. Yachty’s Boprah asked Drake, “This new generation of music, these new rappers. The mumble rap, what do you think about it?” He responded, “Literally, writing nursery rhymes that nobody can understand. I think it’s progressive and innovative. I think at the forefront of that movement of music that should be forgotten about is Lil Yach-ee. I think that guy is just an innovator of music that should never be referenced or heard by human beings again.”

The second part of the video featuring DaBaby sees Boprah asking about the Charlotte rapper’s trademark phrase, “Let’s goooo.”

Oprah gives a thumbs up to the song

Though the song is titled “Oprah’s Bank Account,” the iconic media personality and businesswoman does not appear in the video herself and doesn’t seem to have co-signed it initially.

Fortunately for the rappers, Oprah revealed weeks after the release that she is actually a huge fan of the song. She told the Associated Press, “I love it. I love it. I loveeeeee it! Yes, I love it!”

“I haven’t seen the video,” she continued. “But it’s nice to be in a Drake song no matter what — especially for your bank account, OK!”

Maybe the other music videos from Lil Boat 3 will continue to feature Yachty’s Boprah character. If the reception to the “Oprah’s Bank Account” music video is anything to go by, the character is surely a hit.