Oprah Winfrey Reveals What Really Defines a Life Well-Lived

When it comes to having a life that’s lived well, Oprah Winfrey doesn’t measure it in dollars or status. Here’s what the media mogul said it really means to have a life well-lived.

Oprah Winfrey described being on the brink of a mental health crisis

Oprah Winfrey |  Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

After launching her network, OWN, in 2011, Winfrey went through a very stressful time. She told “People” magazine she felt like she was experiencing some of the symptoms of a mental health crisis. While she was recording voice-overs for a television project, Winfrey says she had a moment where she knew it was time to take a step back and take care of herself. “I remember closing my eyes while I was reading,” she says. “I thought, ‘I cannot have another thing enter my brain.’ I needed to pull back.”

Winfrey was partly stressed because of the low ratings on OWN. There was so much pressure to succeed, and the network wasn’t doing as well as she would have liked. “After 25 years of being No. 1, I had become accustomed to success,” she told “People” magazine. “I didn’t expect failure. I was tested and I had to dig deep.”

This is a life well-lived according to Oprah Winfrey   

Oprah Winfrey on CBS This Morning |  Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey on CBS This Morning | Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

According to Winfrey, there are five ingredients that make up the recipe for a well-lived life. “What I know for sure: Clarity, passion, commitment, reverence, and balance define a life well-lived,” Winfrey said in the January 2020 issue of “O, The Oprah Magazine.” She also believes renewing your mind and refreshing yourself are essential to living your best life. Winfrey says there is a Bible verse (Romans 12: 2) that reminds her to continually renew her mind. “And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

What’s next for Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey On CBS This Morning | Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey On CBS This Morning | Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

Winfrey will be hosting a wellness tour in 2020 titled “2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus.” From January 4 through March 7, she told her readers she plans to travel the country, “preaching the gospel of health and wellness.” The media mogul plans to invite an impressive group of celebrities to participate in the tour. Among her celebrity guests are Lady Gaga, Tina Fey, Julianne Hough, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, Gayle King, and Michelle Obama.

If you’re feeling stuck in life, this might be the conference for you. Winfrey told her readers the purpose of the tour is to help people renew their minds, bodies, and spirits. “My dream is that the tour will serve as inspiration and motivation to take control and focus on what matters most to you. To get clear. To operate from intention. To take action. To move forward.”

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