Orlando Bloom Reveals the 2 Co-Stars He Crushed On

Counting all the relationships Orlando Bloom has had is probably useless since there’s been a good number of them. Even if you might think he’s dated or married every A-list actress in the known world, he never managed to fulfill that with two specific co-stars he worked with once.

As we all know, Bloom is divorced from Miranda Kerr and now dating Katy Perry. He also has a child in the equation through his marriage to Kerr. It appears his son acclimated well to possibly having a stepmom in Perry once she and Bloom tie the knot.

Despite these stories being widely known, Bloom recently revealing his past co-star crushes to Howard Stern continues to prove how transparent people become on Stern’s show. We have to wonder how a relationship with those two actresses would have turned out.

Bloom opened up to Stern about two prominent actress crushes

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Yes, Howard Stern still has a real knack for persuading his guests to say things they probably wouldn’t say to any other talk show host. Of course, that’s why he’s still on the radio. We can’t imagine Bloom would reveal his past co-star crushes to any late-night host on TV, or even any other radio host in the world.

When Stern pressed him about his past crushes, Bloom opened up about two specific actresses: Kirsten Dunst and Keira Knightley. As we all know, Bloom worked with Dunst in Elizabethtown back in 2005. With Knightley, the two worked together in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

According to Bloom, he crushed on both of them, yet never bothered to tell them because he was too shy to approach them about his feelings. Perhaps because he says he has a policy to not date those he’s working with gave him a conscience not to say anything.

Now we have to wonder what Dunst and Knightley think of this since the story is being reported widely. Both actresses are still very active, with Dunst having a major acting renaissance with On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

These crushes occurred when Bloom was casually dating Kate Bosworth

If you go back in time 16 years, you’ll remember Bloom’s first serious relationship in Hollywood. Bloom has said his relationship with Kate Bosworth was more or less “off and on”, which may explain why he might have crushed on his co-stars during the mid-2000s.

However, when Bloom was crushing on Knightley, he was already becoming seriously involved with Kerr. All Bloom fans know he married Kerr in 2010, ending in an amicable divorce three years later after having a son.

Adding these crush stories to the mix could easily create some complications, something notables don’t always think about when talking so openly on Stern’s show.

Plus, we have to wonder how Perry feels while being engaged to Bloom after a previous breakup two years ago.

What happens if Bloom ever works with Dunst and Knightley again?

Relationships in Hollywood are almost like musical chairs sometimes, something Bloom (and many other actors) partake in throughout life. At least Bloom has the smart stance to not date his co-stars, outside of still dating those within the confines of the showbiz world.

The isolation of that seems a little unsettling, especially when revealing crushes to the world and the ripples it might create in the feelings of others.

No doubt Katy Perry has no trouble accepting Bloom’s past crushes, but we have to wonder what might happen down the road if Dunst and Knightley work with Bloom again on something. Would this story come up as something they can laugh over, or make them uncomfortable?

Last time Bloom worked with Knightley was just two years ago when doing a cameo in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Since the world of acting seems like working in a bubble and a limited pool of people, we have to wonder if romantic paths will be crossed somewhere…far, far down the line.