Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal: 5 Times They Were the Cutest BFFs Ever

Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac and The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal are two of the most wholesome best friends in Hollywood. Their friendship goes all the way back to 2005 when they worked together on the stageplay Beauty of the Father. The play didn’t run for long, but it gave Isaac and Pascal a chance to bond over their similar experiences as Latino actors.

Ever since then, these pals have made headlines for the adorable ways in which they support each other, poke fun at each other, and express their never-ending love for one another. Here are some of Isaac and Pascal’s cutest BFF moments.

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac attend the Triple Frontier premiere in 2019.
Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac attend the ‘Triple Frontier’ premiere in 2019. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Pedro Pascal considers Oscar Isaac the ‘love of his life’

Although Pascal and Isaac haven’t acted together on many projects, they’re always around to support each other. For example, back in December 2019, Pascal came to the premiere of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker in support of Isaac, who starred as Poe Dameron. The two posed for a photo together, with Pascal holding his arm around Isaac and pulling him close.

Pascal then shared the photo on Instagram with an adorable caption: “amordemivida.” And for those in need of a translation, that means “LoveOfMyLife.” Pascal seriously melted some hearts with that one.

The BFFs celebrated the new year together with their families

By now, Isaac and Pascal are pretty much a part of each other’s families. Pascal joined Isaac, Isaac’s wife, Elvira Lind, and their kids, Eugene and Mads, for New Year’s Eve in 2020. They seemed to have a blast ringing in 2021 together, as Lind and Pascal both shared plenty of snaps from the evening on social media.

Pascal’s post included a photo of him with his arms wrapped around Isaac’s sons as the three rocked pointy, silver party hats. In another shot, he wore the hat on the side of his head and poked Lind. Finally, another image showed Isaac and Pascal huddled together as Pascal took a sip of beer. And the way Isaac looked up at him? So adorable.

Oscar Isaac called Pedro Pascal his ‘sweet girlfriend’

Isaac and Pascal have shared plenty of public banter about things like who’s the bigger “daddy” and whether Moon Knight or The Mandalorian would win in a fight. However, at the end of the day, there’s nothing but love between the two actors.

In an October 2021 interview with Remezcla about his role in Dune, Isaac was asked who he’d like to travel through space with. And without hesitation, Isaac called on his “sweet girlfriend,” Pascal.

“My girl. We’re two sisters. Space sisters,” he said. “That’s my baby. It’s my Pedro.”

OK, we all need to see an Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal team-up in space now. Someone make it happen.

Their entire ‘WIRED Autocomplete Interview’ is wholesome BFF fun

When Isaac and Pascal get together, there’s nothing but laughs all around. The two did an Autocomplete Interview together for WIRED in 2019 (seen above), and the whole thing seems to perfectly capture their energy.

Some of the highlights from the video included Pascal comparing Isaac to the “grumpy eagle” from The Muppets, and Isaac comparing Pascal to the “baby chicken,” Chicken Little. Isaac also gave Pascal a wet willy and took credit for convincing him to star in The Mandalorian.

Pedro Pascal gushed about working with Oscar Isaac on ‘Triple Frontier’

Pascal and Isaac finally got to star together in a film in 2019: Netflix’s action-adventure flick Triple Frontier. The two had a blast filming together in Hawaii, often sharing photos of their time on set. Then, upon the film’s release, Pascal spoke in an interview about how surreal it felt to work alongside his best friend again.

“To work with, frankly, one of my best friends, with whom I did my first play in New York 14 years ago … And we were doing this really intricate car chase scene, and he’s in the back of the pickup and I’m in the driver’s seat,” he said in a video for GQ. “I hear his voice behind my head and he’s like, ‘Here we are in an action movie together in Hawaii.’ And I was like, ‘This is so crazy.’ … I would have never been able to compose that for my future. It’s so weird.”

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