‘OutDaughtered’: Will Adam and Danielle Busby Have More Children?

Television audiences are endlessly fascinated by people with large families. The Duggar family, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Octomom – it seems like the more kids you have, the more likely you are to become the star of a reality show. But when it comes to Adam and Danielle Busby from the popular TLC series OutDaughtered, it’s about more than just having a whole bunch of children. This couple has a lot of daughters.

Who are the Busbys?

In April 2015, Adam and Danielle Busby became parents to the first ever set of all-female quintuplets born in the United States. Count in their four-year-old daughter Blayke and suddenly the Busbys went from a family of three to a family of eight in the blink of an eye. IMDB reports that at one time the family prepared 40 baby bottles per day and changed 420 diapers per week. Talk about a huge adjustment — and a lot of extra work.

‘OutDaughtered’ offers a glimpse into their busy lives

The popular TLC show follows the family as they navigate the chaotic reality of raising all their daughters. The family recently relocated, and people on social media had a few words to say about the lack of fencing around their pool. This safety hazard could even prove fatal.

But then again, critics are bound to make themselves heard when a family is in the public eye. The Busbys were quick to point out that they had just moved in and were planning to put a fence around the pool shortly.

Do the Busbys want more children?

One question that people with big families always get: Are they planning to have any more? Even though the Busbys have only been blessed with girls so far, it doesn’t sound like they intend to add any more little ones to the mix. They believe their family is complete now.

During the show’s first season in 2016, Danielle Busby spoke with her husband about getting a vasectomy. According to People, Danielle explained their infrequent sexual encounters by saying, “Adam — you want this, you’ve got to get that snipped.”

But then in Season 4, Adam missed his post-vasectomy appointment where they would have checked to make sure it worked. When Danielle asked if he wanted more kids, Adam answered “No!” without hesitation. Still, fans wonder if another baby could be on the horizon. Especially when the quintuplets get older and easier to manage.

Why did the Busbys have quintuplets?

Before they had six daughters, the Busby family went through a heartbreaking period of infertility, which Danielle talked about on her blog. She included stories about the stress of injections, negative pregnancy tests, infertility drugs, and invasive assisted reproduction procedures. Their journey to parenthood wasn’t easy.

Now they’re a happy family even if life is crazy sometimes. Adam shared a sweet picture on his Instagram that said, “Thank you God for giving the opportunity and ability to be Daddy to these 6 miracles. From an early age, you instilled my love for children.”

Whether the Busbys decide to have more children or not, it’s evident that this couple is feeling #blessed.