‘Outer Banks’: Some Fans Find Kiara ‘Annoying’ and ‘Stupid’ in Season 2

Some Outer Banks fans have not been thrilled by Kiara Carrera’s character development in season 2. Last season, the young environmental activist and loyal friend, played by Madison Bailey, acted as a voice of reason for the Pogues. Although she was not always successful, Kiara often tried to talk her friends out of making poor choices and used quick thinking to rescue them from dangerous situations.

In Outer Banks Season 2, however, many viewers have noticed a change in Kiara. Now, she seems to act before thinking. Here’s what some fans have said about Kiara’s behavior.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains minor spoilers for Outer Banks Season 2.]

Outer Banks star Madison Bailey as Kiara Carrera
Madison Bailey as Kiara Carrerra in ‘Outer Banks’ | Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 showed the Pogues coping with John B. and Sarah’s presumed death

Outer Banks Season 2 picked up just after the events of the season 1 finale. John B. (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) sailed into a storm and capsized, but they survived and found safety on a ship heading to the Bahamas. However, back home, the residents of Kildare County thought the couple died at sea.

Even Kiara, Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and JJ (Rudy Pankow) believed John B. and Sarah were dead. Season 2 episode 1 showed the remaining Pogues holding their own memorial service for their friends. After that, viewers caught a glimpse at how the Pogues coped with the loss.

In Kiara’s case, she let her anger out by spray painting “murderer” on the Camerons’ stone fence and shouting at Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey).

As the season continued, Kiara’s fierce loyalty to the Pogues became more clear. However, her passion for clearing John B.’s name of Sherriff Peterkin’s murder sometimes caused trouble for the Pogues. For example, when the group secretly caught Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) killing someone on video, Kiara drew attention to them by shouting “murderer” at Ward, putting the Pogues in danger.

Some fans were frustrated with Kiara’s behavior in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2

On Reddit, many viewers have expressed disappointment in Kiara’s actions in season 2. Most notably, several fans have said they felt angry over Kiara shouting at Ward. When she did this, Ward noticed the Pogues, forcing them to abandon their post and run. Kiara accidentally stepped on JJ going down a ladder, which caused him to collapse onto Pope and break the camera they used to record Ward. The accident destroyed the evidence.

“How can someone be so f—ing stupid???” one person wrote.

In addition, some fans felt Kiara’s behavior toward Pope was “annoying.” Kiara and Pope shared a kiss in season 1, which led to the two exploring a relationship in season 2. However, Kiara seemed to change her mind often about Pope. She pushed him away a few times when he tried to show affection and later told him after a hookup that she wanted to remain friends.

“She REALLYY treated pope like s—. all he did was just look out for her, and she kept snapping at him for no reason and telling Sarah ‘he’s mad cause i’m not in love with him’ like dude?” one Reddit user commented.

As the same user pointed out, Kiara also spent much time trying to prove she’s a Pogue in season 2.

“The whole gang had this thing where all of them except Kiara had ‘nothing to lose,’ and it seemed as if she WANTED to lose the good life she had just to fit in,” they wrote. “And it was exhausting the amount of s— she put her parents through just to say ‘they can only kill me once.'”

Some fans thought Kiara’s behavior was understandable


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Of course, Kiara did have many fans on her side. In the comments on Reddit, some fans defended the character, noting that she was understandably angry at the entire situation with Ward and John B.

“She’s a teenager, who just saw something most people won’t see in their entire lives,” one person wrote.

“She’s ALWAYS been a firecracker and fights to protect those she loves, that’s NOTHING new,” another user added.

No matter where fans stood on the Kiara debate, it seemed clear to all that she felt protective over her friends and wanted to see justice served. If Outer Banks continues with a season 3, many fans would undoubtedly love to see her story explored even further.