‘Outer Banks’: How Madelyn Cline Influenced Her Role As Sarah Cameron

Outer Banks is the latest binge-worthy teen drama on Netflix. Discover how actor Madelyn Cline influenced her role of Sarah Cameron in season 1 of the series. 

Madelyn Cline Sarah Cameron 'Outer Banks'
Madelyn Cline | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Who is Madelyn Cline? 

Cline plays a Kook — someone of wealth and privilege — named Sarah Cameron on the Netflix series Outer Banks. Unlike her fellow Kooks, Sarah doesn’t enjoy being classified as one of the rich kids. Instead of doing what society believes she is supposed to, Sarah Cameron would much rather break the rules her community has imposed on her. 

During the first season of Outer Banks, Sarah Cameron falls in love with a Pogue, John B (Chase Stokes), who is on a mission to find the Royal Merchant Gold his father was trying to track down. At the conclusion of season 1, John B and Sarah sail off together into the middle of a tropical depression. Miraculously, the two survive and are picked up by a larger ship that’s willing to take them to the Bahamas. 

Madelyn Cline knew Sarah Cameron would chose John B over anything

When Outer Banks writers asked Cline whether she thought her character would choose surfer hunk John B or her family, Cline said John B. “I remember thinking on it and telling [the writers], ‘I wholeheartedly believe Sarah is 100% absolutely head over heels for John B., and I think she absolutely would get on that boat with him,'” Cline explained to Glamour

During the first season, John B made a comment to Sarah Cameron about her being all he had. At the end of season 1, John B is all Sarah Cameron feels that she has, according to Cline. “[Sarah’s] world just crumbled around her, so it’s a no-brainer that she would have gotten on that boat with him and risked everything,” Cline said. 

Though it was evident at the beginning of Outer Banks Season 1 that Sarah held her father in high regard, when Sarah learns the truth about her father’s tie to John B’s father’s death, that relationship crumbles. “With family, you never quite give up on them,” Cline explained. “Deep down, they’re still your blood. You still love them, even though they’ve done something immeasurably wrong. I don’t know if their relationship would ever be the same, but I would really love to see Sarah confront Ward and see what happens.” 

What Madelyn Cline thinks Sarah Cameron has in store for season 2

While the second season of Outer Banks has yet to be confirmed, showrunner Jonas Pate told USA Today that he has been writing. “It turns out being quarantined and writing is practically the same,” Pate joked. “With all the turmoil over the first season, from the loss of his father to his friends thinking he is dead, there are just so many variables to look at from a thousand-foot overview.”

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As for what happens to John B and Sarah Cameron, if and when a second season is greenlit, Cline has some thoughts. “In my mind, what I see is this Blue Lagoon or Castaway scenario where they get to the Bahamas and have the gold bars, and they live in this really romantic, Bonnie and Clyde–type Blue Lagoon world,” she fantasized. “They’re just in this honeymoon phase of ‘We’ve run away from home, we’re in love, we’re in this beautiful place, and there are no problems.’ I would really love to see everything they’ve been running from catch up to them.”

Like Cline, Outer Banks fans are eager for a season 2! Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for the latest Outer Banks updates.

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