‘Outer Banks’ Star Chase Stokes Talks Season 3 Updates: ‘As Soon As We Know, You’re Gonna Know’

Outer Banks Season 2 doubled up on the action, drama, and plot twists. More than two weeks following the Netflix drama’s sophomore release, many fans are still discussing their favorite moments and hopes for the future. Amidst all the chatter, there’s one question at the forefront of many fans’ minds: will Outer Banks Season 3 happen?

After a major twist finale in season 2, there’s plenty of room for continuation. However, many fan-favorite shows have prematurely ended in the past. We may not know much about Outer Banks Season 3, but star Chase Stokes has assured that fans will be the first to know when news does arrive.

'Outer Banks' stars Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes on the set of season 2
‘Outer Banks’ stars Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes | Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Is ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 confirmed?

At the time of this writing, Netflix has not confirmed Outer Banks Season 3. Estimating a timeline for renewal and release can be tricky, since the first season was released in April 2020 and the second was released in July 2021.

News of season 2’s renewal came in July 2020, three months after season 1’s release. If Netflix follows that pattern, fans could hear season 3 news by October. According to Decider, Netflix does typically take a few months to make such decisions.

Many people can agree that it would come as a major surprise to see Netflix cancel Outer Banks. The teen drama has remained in the streaming service’s Top 10 in the U.S. for just over two weeks at this point. Plus, showrunners Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke have sounded optimistic, already teasing season 3 ideas to Entertainment Weekly and more publications.

Chase Stokes promises to keep ‘Outer Banks’ fans updated on season 3

During an Outer Banks Instagram Live “Pogue Party” on Aug. 15, many fans flooded the comments section with questions about season 3’s renewal. The Live’s hosts, stars Chase Stokes (who plays John B.) and Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron), didn’t have any answers. However, Stokes assured that he wants to keep everyone in the loop.

“For those asking about season 3, we know about as much as you do,” Stokes said.

“Yeah, we know nothing,” Cline added.

Stokes continued to say that he would let fans know once they “figure it out.”

“As soon as we know, you’re gonna know,” he explained. “That’s just how it works. We want to keep telling this story as long as we can.”

In the meantime, Stokes said he and his fellow cast members would continue to host Instagram Live parties. This session featured Carlacia Grant (Cleo) and Caroline Arapoglou (Rose Cameron) as guests, while a previous session included Austin North (Topper) and Madison Bailey (Kiara Carrera). The videos see the cast casually discussing their favorite moments from filming and catching up with each other’s personal lives.

Season 3’s story doesn’t have a concrete direction yet

As far as what Outer Banks Season 3 would involve, the cast and showrunners have quite a few ideas. However, nothing is concrete yet. Charles Esten, who plays Ward Cameron, told Us Weekly that they haven’t figured things out yet, but whatever comes next will be great.

“I don’t believe [the writers] know. I love that about them,” he said. “It’s almost, like, if Houdini did a magic trick and goes, ‘OK, I’m going to put myself in this straight jacket and hang myself upside down by this chain, and this train is coming,’ and people go, ‘How do you get out of it?’ And he goes, ‘I don’t know. I haven’t figured that part out yet!’”

Outer Banks Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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