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The race to find the $400 million in gold continued in Outer Banks Season 2. However, with twice the action and twice the amount of players trying to get their hands on the treasure, it might have become difficult for some viewers to keep track of the gold’s whereabouts. The gold exchanged hands quite a bit in season 2 and eventually dropped out of focus, so here’s a quick recap of the hunt and where things ended up in the finale.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for Outer Banks Season 2.]

Chase Stokes as John B. and Terence Rosemore as Terrance in 'Outer Banks'
Chase Stokes as John B. and Terence Rosemore as Terrance in ‘Outer Banks’ | Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Ward Cameron had the gold at the start of ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2

As fans may recall, the Outer Banks Season 1 finale ended with Ward Cameron (played by Charles Esten) having the Royal Merchant gold flown to the Camerons’ beach house in the Bahamas. Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) and John B. ventured out by boat in a heavy storm to escape John B.’s wrongful conviction, but the boat capsized. However, the couple managed to survive and got rescued by a cargo ship coincidentally on its way to the Bahamas.

When season 2 began, John B. and Sarah arrived in the Bahamas and reached the Camerons’ beach house. Against Sarah’s wishes, John B. broke into the house in the middle of the night and attempted to steal the gold himself, but it was locked away inside a safe.

Meanwhile, the hunt for John B. and Sarah heated up as Bahamian police caught wind of their fugitive status. The cargo ship’s captain, Terrence (Terence Rosemore), and his shipmates Cleo (Carlacia Grant) and Stubbs (Jontarious Johnson) kidnapped John B. and Sarah to turn them in and receive a $50,000 reward.

To keep themselves safe, John B. and Sarah offered Terrance, Stubbs, and Cleo a cut of the gold. They set out that same night to rob the Camerons’ villa but nearly got caught. After that, the group hatched an elaborate plan.

John B. and Sarah Cameron stole it back with the help of Cleo and Captain Terrance

Ward and Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey) arrived in Nassau to retrieve the gold. The two attempted to leave the country with the treasure, but John B., Sarah, Terrance, and Cleo lured them away from police escorts and took their truck. John B. and Sarah nearly escaped with the gold…until they realized Rafe had shot Sarah. The two took a detour to a doctor, leaving the gold with Terrance and Cleo.

Terrance and Cleo planned to wait eight hours with the gold on their ship while Sarah underwent surgery. Unfortunately, just before they planned to leave, the police arrived and confiscated the gold.

When John B. and Sarah finally made it to the ship, the treasure was gone. The viewers saw the gold for the last time in Nassau as the police returned it to Ward and Rafe.

The Pogues lost the gold again, but shifted focus to the Cross


‘Outer Banks’ Season 2: Some Fans Ship Pope and New Pogue Cleo

When John B. and Sarah left Nassau, the focus of Outer Banks Season 2 shifted to clearing John B.’s name of Sheriff Peterkin’s murder. Then, a new treasure came into play: the Cross of Santo Domingo, which the Royal Merchant also carried.

The Pogues caught wind of the cross when Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) asked Pope Heyward (Jonathan Daviss) to bring her the key to the $400 million gold and diamond-encrusted heirloom. Inside the cross hid an ancient shroud Limbrey believed would cure her illness.

When Pope discovered that he was a descendant of Denmark Tanney and the cross belonged to his family, the Pogues set out to find it themselves. They didn’t seem to care so much about the original gold treasure anymore.

In the season finale, the Cameron family escaped with the cross and presumably the gold. Season 3 will likely focus on the Pogues’ mission to get the cross back. Getting the gold would just be an added bonus.

As Daviss explained to Entertainment Weekly, the hunt for the Royal Merchant’s treasure has become very personal for Pope.

“Just like how last season’s mission was personal for John B, this season has a personal connection to Pope,” he said. “It was everything to me. Now there’s a thing linking Pope to the treasure, emotionally through his family, and he has more of a personal attachment to not just finding this thing but making sure justice is served.”

Outer Banks Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.