‘Outer Range’ Season 2 ‘Is Up in the Air,’ Says Star Imogen Poots

If you wake up one morning and think to yourself, “I’d really like a show similar to Yellowstone, but with a science fiction twist,” Amazon Prime Video has your answer. Prime’s original series Outer Range starring Hollywood heavyweights like Josh Brolin and Will Patton, combines cowboys and time travel in a way that keeps audiences glued to the screen. However, Imogen Poots, who plays Autumn, says Outer Range season 2 isn’t confirmed.

[Warning: This article contains major spoilers regarding Outer Range Season 1.]

'Outer Range' star Imogen Poots stares in to the camera in a production still.
‘Outer Range’ star Imogen Poots as Autumn | Richard Foreman/Prime Video

‘Outer Range’ Season 1 left fans with plenty of loose ends

One of the running themes throughout Outer Range revolves around Royal Abbott (Brolin) and his unreliable narration. In fact, audiences don’t know if anyone in the series is telling the truth, which makes for a bumpy ride. 

In Outer Range Season 1 Episode 8, Royal reveals that after accidentally killing his father in the late 1800s, he couldn’t bear the thought of facing his mother and sister. He ran away and stumbled upon the hole that’s haunted fans the entire season. Royal tells his son, Perry (Tom Pelphrey,) that he threw himself into the hole only to end up on Cecilia’s (Lili Taylor) family’s ranch.

When Autumn mysteriously arrives on the ranch in episode 1, audiences immediately sense that she and Royal have a past. We learn that Autumn is actually Royal’s granddaughter, Amy, from the future by the end of the season. However, that only opens up an entirely new set of questions. Why were Autumn and Royal trying to kill one another? What will happen to Perry and Rhett for murdering one of the Tillerson boys? Did Rebecca disappear by jumping in the hole too?

Showrunner Brian Watkins has plenty to work with if Outer Range gets picked up for season 2. Although, there’s no guarantee that happens.

'Outer Range' star Josh Brolin stares out at the mysterious hole that appears on his property in a production still from season 1.
‘Outer Range’ star Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott | Prime Video

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Imogen Poots says ‘Outer Range’ Season 2 is ‘up in the air’

Fans definitely want to learn more about the Abbott family in Outer Range Season 2, but Poots says there’s no guarantee.

Poots recently sat down with Digital Spy and discussed the possibilities. “Season 2 is up in the air. I think we kind of made this on a whim. We all just thought it was so original, and we all wanted to make it,” the 31-year-old actor said.

While many fans believe the journey of the Abbot family is far from over, Poots thinks differently. She continued, “And it’s funny with TV – I always forget that there’s that option, you know, to go again. Because it’s often a kind of self-contained miniseries if it doesn’t go again, which is also cool. But there have been whispers of, if it did go… I know that there are a lot of sort of ideas that would be furthered and explained if they were to go again. Because obviously you set up stuff in the first season to sort of delve deeper in the next. But I totally would [come back].”

Imogen Poots calls the show one of her ‘greatest experiences’

Even if Outer Range doesn’t return for season 2, Poots fondly looks back on the entire experience. She told Digital Spy, “I had one of the greatest experiences, creatively and emotionally, ever on this job. It was a hard job. But I really loved the company and our crew and filming in New Mexico. It was a heavenly job for me. I wouldn’t always say that. I’m actually kind of a one-and-done kind of person. But this one, yeah, I loved it.”

Outer Range Season 1 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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