‘Outlander’: Why Some Fans Hate Brianna

Outlander fans have their favorites. One obvious fan favorite is Jamie Fraser, played by the star of the series, Sam Heughan. However, fans also have characters they despise. That award goes to Brianna (Sophie Skelton). Fans took to Reddit to share her frustrations about the character. Here’s what some Outlander viewers had to say about why they hate Brianna.

One fan says Brianna is a brat

Sophie Skelton | Tommaso Boddi/FilmMagic
Sophie Skelton | Tommaso Boddi/FilmMagic

One reason some fans aren’t fond of Brianna is because they think she acts entitled. An Outlander viewer called her a brat:

I just started book six, like very first few chapters, and here I am reading about Brianna mad that a raccoon got into her pantry and so she throws a potato at Roger’s head ON PURPOSE, smacking him squarely on the forehead. It physically hurt him–all because of a raccoon. That’s not her ‘fiery spirit.’ She’s a brat and rude and entitled beyond measure. Does she ever grow up?

Does Brianna have the “Fraser temper” or a terrible attitude?

People seem to make a lot of excuses for the way Brianna behaves. Although Brianna is described as having a temper like her dad (the “Fraser temper”), others say it’s more than a temper—it’s a bad attitude. This viewer felt strongly about Brianna’s rude behavior:

It is passed off as her “Fraser Temper.” She pitches a fit when Mrs. Bugg mistakenly thinks she is pregnant when Roger says they have news. Mrs. Bugg makes some [mean] comments and Brianna flies off the rails. So much that Roger had to pick her up and carry her out of the house while she kicks him and screams nasty names at Mrs. Bugg. Totally irrational behavior.

Some say Brianna is just like her mother, Claire

Is Brianna really like Jamie? Brianna is said to have her father’s temperament, but others think she’s a lot more like her mother, Claire, when it comes to her passionate responses:

I always found it so interesting that people referred to her temper as the “Fraser temper.” I think her temper is a lot more like Claire’s–irrational and immature. Jamie typically only gets angry when pushed very hard, or when someone affronts his personal honor, or the honor of someone he loves. Claire is much quicker to anger, and definitely lashes out physically. Brianna is just like her.

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