‘Outlander’: How Would Things Be Different If Claire Had Traveled From Present Day Back in Time?

Most fans of Outlander can’t imagine the show in any other capacity other than the one it’s in. But a few fans recently weighed in on what it would be like if Claire (Caitriona Balfe) had actually traveled from the present time back in time to Jamie (Sam Heughan). Read on to learn what some fans think would be different if that was the case.

What would happen if Claire was from the present time and traveled back in time?

Caitriona Balfe
Caitriona Balfe | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for STARZ

A Reddit user recently wondered how things would be different if Claire had been in 2020 at the time that she traveled through the stones back in time.

“I can‘t help but think about this: if Claire was living in 2020 and went back in time to 1743, how would the story have been different and developed?” a Reddit user asked.

One user thinks obviously she’d have lived through the coronavirus (COVID-19). “Culture shock” may be harder considering the technology that people are used to in 2020. She’d also still be a doctor and she may know even more now with the advances of the day.

“Besides the whole COVID-19 thing, she might have a harder time with the culture shock,” another user said. “She likely would be a doctor already, working through a residency program but still a doctor. She would be used to all the tech we have now, and might have a hard time going about the shift.”

Another user brought up an excellent point about women’s rights and just how far we’ve come since 1945 let alone hundreds of years ago.

“Especially women’s rights!! I gotta say, I’d have a hard time with that. There’s a huge difference even between 2020 and 1945, not to mention from almost 300 years ago now,” a Reddit user explained.

The Internet would change everything

A few users brought up the fact that the Internet has changed everything. Claire could have possibly found Jamie sooner with the Internet and they could have raised their child together. They might have not spent so much time apart, and instead found their way back to each other’s arms sooner.

“Since you mention info on the internet, maybe she would have come back to Jamie sooner cuz she’d have an easier time finding out he lives through Culloden. Could have raised Brianna together,” a user suggested.

Another user seems to agree when it comes to technology. “I think coming from 2020 the adjustment to modesty and women’s roles would be harder, but mostly, I think technology would be the hardest thing to completely lose,” someone else admitted.

Claire would be totally different coming from 2020

Fans seem to echo the same comments about Claire if she had come from the present. She’d be used to doing pretty much everything on her phone and computer and utterly lost in the 1700s.

“I think about this all the time. 27-years-old in 2020 wasn’t the same as 27 in the 40s,” someone else wrote. “She would have been holding her phone looking for a signal to open up Google Maps, maybe trying to get an Uber, in leggings and a t-shirt with hair a few different colors.”

Claire would definitely have more difficulty assimilating to the way of things in the 1700s if she had traveled from 2020. Outlander might be totally different if that were the case as well.