‘Outlander’: Maria Doyle Kennedy (Jocasta) Talks About Her Character’s Feelings for Murtagh

Season 5 of Outlander certainly isn’t disappointing anyone. Episode 6 left fans concerned about the fate of a possible relationship between Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix). Kennedy recently spoke about the situation between her character and Murtagh. Read on to learn more.

What happened in episode 6 between Jocasta and Murtagh?

Maria Doyle Kennedy
Maria Doyle Kennedy | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

On the eve of Jocasta’s wedding, Murtagh shows up to ask her to wait for him. He’s still a wanted man and the leader of the regulators, but he doesn’t care. He proclaims his love for Jocasta, but it isn’t enough. Jocasta can’t sit by and wait for him for the rest of her life. Jocasta reveals that she was once married to a man like Murtagh and the situation ended in the death of her daughter, Morna.

Things get heated between them and the situation ends when Jocasta asks him to go so she can rest for her wedding to another man. Murtagh leaves, but not before proclaiming his love for Jocasta one last time.

Maria Doyle Kennedy talks about her character’s feelings for Murtagh

Maria Doyle Kennedy recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her character’s tough situation with Murtagh in episode 6. She feels drawn to him, but she can’t do it all over again. She has already made a decision and it’s the night before her wedding.

“I think it’s one of those just absolute unavoidable collisions of personality,” Kennedy said. “She’s just utterly compelled to him. It’s the one in a million. But she just can’t do it again, you know? We were talking about this a little bit the other day, that grief is the price you pay for love. She knows that he loves her. But he’s landing the night before her wedding to say, ‘No, sorry, I did mean to say that I actually do really love you, and will you wait for me?’ I mean, what?”

This was the first time Murtagh revealed his true feelings for Jocasta

Up until this point, Murtagh had never actually told Jocasta he loved her, so she didn’t truly know the depth of his feelings. Not to mention she told him another man had proposed and all he said was that he wouldn’t stand in the way of her happiness. He didn’t make himself clear until the night before her wedding to someone else.

“I mean, he certainly hasn’t said, ‘Wait for me.’ I told him ages ago that Duncan had proposed,” Kennedy said. “And he didn’t say anything other than, ‘Oh, I won’t stand in the way if you’re happy.’ What!? So, she knows that he loves her, but that he will literally lose everything for what he believes in, including her. Including their love. She will always come second to his cause. And she just can’t go through it again. That constant danger.”

Jocasta and Murtagh clearly love each other, but the situation couldn’t be more complicated. Hopefully there will be a solution soon in an upcoming episode.