‘Outlander’ Season 5, Episode 5: Brianna Reveals to Roger Why She Went to See Stephen Bonnet

Things are heating up on an all-new Outlander. In episode 5, Roger (Richard Rankin) discovers a gem that Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) gave Brianna (Sophie Skelton). Roger is more than a little concerned as to why his wife kept the gem. Read on to learn how things played out between them. There are spoilers ahead for episode 5 of season 5 of Outlander.

Roger finds the gem Stephen Bonnet gave Brianna

Sophie Skelton
Sophie Skelton | Sam Tabone/WireImage

When Roger is trying to quiet Jemmy with a pretty necklace, he accidentally knocks over a box that holds a secret. He discovers the gem that Bonnet gave Brianna and he instantly knows who it came from. Bri returns home from picking mushrooms and Roger immediately asks her about it.

“What is this?” Roger asks Bri as he holds up the gem for her to see. Bri’s face says all Roger needs for confirmation. “It’s Bonnet’s isn’t it?”

“I wanted to tell you about this but I was afraid you wouldn’t understand,” Bri says.

“Try me,” Roger reassures his wife.

“You know that I went to Wilmington to see him,” Brianna begins.

“What you said was you went to see him hanged,” Roger clarifies.

“I did, but when I got there I felt like I needed to see him in person,” Bri tells Roger.

“So you spoke to him? There? In jail?”

“Ya, that’s when he gave me the diamond,” Bri explains.

“You kept it? A gift from Bonnet?”

Roger is more than a little upset that his wife chose to keep the gem given to her by her rapist. “I kept it for Jemmy. So one day he could go back through the stones. Roger it’s his ticket home. It’s out ticket home,” Brianna tries to explain.

“Why though? Why? The Stephen Bonnet I know wouldn’t give up this diamond to save his own life,” Roger says.

Bri reveals what she said to Bonnet and it devastates Roger

Next, Brianna reveals something that Roger isn’t ready to hear. “Because I told him Jemmy was his. He was going to die and I thought that it would be a comfort for him to know that there would be something of his left in this world. Roger I am so sorry,” Brianna tells him.

Roger is certainly upset and it’s clear he’s broken by the news. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know if you were coming back and I was scared and I was grieving for you. They are just words. Words you were never ever meant to hear,” Bri says.

“Words have consequences. All these months since I’ve been back. And the wedding, the blood oath. You were sure the child was Bonnet’s.”

“Roger, how could I ever know for sure that Jemmy is his?”

“You told him so. You’ve never said as much to me,” Roger says in response.

Roger hands her back the gem. He leaves the house, clearly upset and not sure what to do. Brianna cries and seems at a loss for words.

After they both cool off a bit and Roger speaks with Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Bri and Roger talk again. Bri reveals to Roger that Bonnet is still alive. Roger reassures her that when they know Jemmy can travel, they’ll take the gem and travel back through the stones to go home.

Who knows how things are going to play out after all that? Keep watching Outlander season 5 to find out.