‘Outlander’ Season 5, Episode 7 Preview: The Fight Heats up Between the Redcoats and the Regulators

The fifth season of Outlander seems to be doing well with fans who have been waiting for this season for a long time. Episode 7 will premiere this Sunday on March 29. Read on to learn about what will happen and see the new teaser trailer for the episode. There are major spoilers ahead.

The Redcoats are ready for a fight with the regulators

Sam Heughan
Sam Heughan | Michael Tran/Getty Images

In the latest preview for episode 7, fans get a look at the Redcoats gearing up for a fight with the regulators.

“These insurgents wanted a fight and they shall have one,” a Redcoat says to Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and all the men he has recruited for the impending battle. Tryon pats a cannon as he speaks, hinting that he’s ready to use deadly force on the regulators.

It looks like Jamie will have to actually choose a side to fight on. His loyalties are being torn in two different directions. On one side he has Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), his family, and on the other, he has his word to the governor and with it all the people of Fraser’s Ridge.

Brianna tries to warn her parents of what’s coming

Brianna (Sophie Skelton) is attempting to rewrite history by trying to stop an impending battle between the regulators and the Redcoats.

“There’s talk at the tavern. The milia is preparing for battle. The regulators are across the Alamance Creek,” a man comes in and tells Brianna. Next, we see her racing towards her parents on horseback to tell them what she knows of what’s to come.

“I’ve come to warn you. Alamance. Some people consider this to be the spark of the American Revolution,” Bri tells her concerned parents. What can they do to prevent this battle to come?

Murtagh rallies his men for a fight

Next, we see Murtagh rallying his men to action. There are scenes of a battle and cannon fire going off, so it looks like we’ll finally get to see some actual fighting happening between the Redcoats and the regulators. Things are going to get dangerous in the next episode.

Will Jamie fight for the side of the Redcoats and for everyone on Fraser’s Ridge? Or could he try to negotiate with Murtagh mid-battle? Although that’s yet unclear, there will be some type of altercation, that’s obvious from the promo video.

Claire was still with Jamie, so could she be in danger if there’s a battle? She will probably stay and help anyone she can as a skilled doctor, even if it means putting her own life in danger. Bri was there too, so it’s unclear if she will leave before things get messy or stay to assist her mother.

Episode 7 of Outlander is going to be action-packed and fans can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.