‘Outlander’ Season 5: Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin Discuss What It’s Like Working With a Baby on Set

Season 5 of Outlander is finally here and fans are more than a little excited about it. This season, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) have the privilege of raising their son, Jeremiah. Skelton and Rankin recently spoke about what it’s really like working with a baby on set. Read on to learn more.

What’s it like working with a baby on the set of ‘Outlander?’

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton
Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton | Michael Tran/Getty Images

Skelton and Rankin spoke with Collider about the new season and what it’s like working with a baby. Obviously taking care of a child is no small task. It was a new type of situation for them both in some ways.

“I have a newfound sympathy for parents,” Skelton insisted.

Rankin has worked with babies in the past before, but this was something new. “The kids who played Jemmy came in with a real passion for being a baby,” Rankin said. “There were quite a lot of Jemmys because they aged.”

There is more than 1 set of twins that play Jemmy

Skelton revealed that there was actually more than one set of twins that they worked with as Jeremiah. However, not all the twins had the same temperament it seems.

“Obviously, because of child working hours, we have twins who play the one Jemmy,” Skelton said. “We had this one set of twins come in, and they were just screaming murder, all day. We didn’t know why this baby was purple with rage. And then, we found out that it was actually the first day that he’d ever been away from his brother. The twins had never been separated. They just separated them and were like, ‘Here you go,’ and he hated it.”

Skelton says they had to “keep swapping” out the children as the season went on. Jemmy will age as the season progresses. “And then, we had one set of twins, where he would be really, really, really good. You’d call, ‘Action!,’ and he would scream,” Skelton continued. “And then, you’d call, ‘Cut!,’ and he was fine again. I feel like he sensed the atmosphere. But no, they were amazing. Jemmy does age, throughout the season, because we did have to keep swapping out the babies.”

What was it like singing to the children?

Skelton and Rankin also reportedly sang to the children who played Jemmy and they actually seemed to really enjoy it. Some of the children went home to learn a lullaby and they sang it for Skelton in return.  

“It was really sweet, actually. There’s a lullaby that Roger and Brianna sing to Jemmy, and the little boys liked it so much that they’d gone home and learned it,” Skelton said. “And then, he came in one day and was like, ‘I’ve got something to show you. I’ve got a gift for you. Come into this room.’ So, I went into his little room and they just started singing the lullaby to me.”

It’s nice to see Brianna and Roger start their family together officially with Jemmy this season. Season 5 of Outlander is underway.