‘Outlander’ Season 5: Why Fans Want Fergus to Have More Screen Time

Season 5 of Outlander is shaping up to be one of the best. There’s been a lot of great developments so far and the season is definitely action-packed. However, fans wish they were able to see more Fergus (César Domboy) this season. Read on to find out why.

Who is Fergus Fraser?

Cesar Domboy | Francois G. Durand/WireImage

Fergus was just a child when he met Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) while in Paris and they’ve basically been together ever since. He’s married to Marsali (Lauren Lyle), who has been getting more screen time herself this season and fans are loving it. Numerous fans would like to see more from her husband though, who unfortunately isn’t saying as much as they’d like in season 5.

Fans want Fergus to have more screen time in season 5

Recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss the fact that Fergus certainly doesn’t have enough screen time or lines this season. “Anyone else wish Fergus got more screen time?” a fan of the series asked on Reddit.

Many fans seem to agree and they all descended in the comments to explain why. One fan describes Fergus as “underutilized” in season 5.

“Yes, Fergus is so underutilized this season. I was so wishing that in 508 we would have a scene with Fergus and Claire remembering Murtagh,” another Reddit user wrote.

A fan thinks Fergus and Marsali should have their own spinoff

Another fan would like to see a spinoff with just Fergus and Marsali. “I would fully watch a spinoff based on Fergus and Marsali,” a fan said. “Both actors have come into their characters so wonderfully. Team Fergus all the way.”

A viewer of the series hopes Fergus gets his own storyline this season. He has relationships with all the main characters and he should be used more.

“Yes, he deserves a storyline this season! His relationships with Murtaugh, Marsali, Jaimie, his children, etc. should inspire the writers’ room to come up with something, even if there’s nothing from the book,” said a loyal fan.

Why fans want more Fergus

Fergus is a likable guy that’s been around for a while. His character has grown up on the show and fans really respond to him. “Couldn’t agree more! If fans love him and they already were heading in a direction to include him more so than in the books, they should follow through,” said another Reddit user.

One fan hopes to see a more “serious side” of Fergus this season. There are so many ways the writers could take a storyline with Fergus. “I think we will see some more of him this season, 🤔 a very serious side of him. I hope so at least,” wrote a fan.

Fergus is an important part of ‘Outlander’

Fergus has an important role in both the series and the books. It would be nice to see more of him since fans seem to love him so much. One viewer says they don’t like how Fergus has such a small part now.

“One of my biggest gripes with the show is that Fergus has been reduced to a bit part,” a Reddit user explained. “He is such a major part of the story and has hardly been seen though Marsali has been quite a prominent part. Fergus is a son to Jamie in all but blood and the show should be respecting their relationship more.”

Fans want to see more of Fergus Fraser in season 5 of Outlander. He’s a likable character that deserves more screen time.