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Outlander finally premiered in all its glory. There was a beautiful wedding between Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin). Roger and Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) also shared a moment that got a little heated to say the least. Read on to learn what happened.

Jocasta asks to speak with Roger

Jocasta of course came to the wedding and she wishes the happy couple well. She also asks to speak with Roger before she leaves for her home. On the morning after the wedding, Roger comes to Jocasta and the two have a verbal altercation.

“A married man you are now come how to roost,” Jocasta says to Roger. She invites him to sit down with her for a chat.

“Did my niece tell you that I meant to make her heiress to my property?” Jocasta inquires.

“Aye she did,” Roger says in response. “My wife is most conscience of the honor.”

“Is she?” Jocasta says as she goes on to explain that she’s changed her mind. She tells him that she’s leaving all of her land at River Run and everything within it to Jeremiah, not Brianna as originally intended.

Roger feels insulted by Jocasta

She says that “Protestants are partial to divorce,” hinting at Roger. She also mentions that a woman’s property becomes her husband’s when she is married. She wants him to treat Jeremiah well, which insults Roger completely.

“Are you saying you think I don’t believe that he’s my son?” Roger hotly asks.

“I did not say as much,” Jocasta says.

“You said a great deal,” Roger tells her. “And what you don’t say speaks louder than what you have. How dare you.”

Jocasta offers him her apology and takes his hand in hers. When she tries to continue, Roger gets up to walk away, but not before he says one final thing.

“I may not have any property or money, but I have time and I will give it all to Brianna and Jeremiah,” Roger says. “Let me put this very plainly. I do not want your money. My wife does not want your money. And my son will not have it. Cram it up your hole.”

Jocasta smiles and says, “Even better.” Apparently, that’s what she was hoping for all along.

Why Jocasta tests Roger’s loyalty

Richard Rankin
Richard Rankin | Michael Tran/Getty Images

Jocasta loves Brianna and she wants the best for her. She’s clearly worried and protective of her after everything she’s been through. It makes sense she would have her suspicions about Roger after everything she knows about him. In time, she’ll get to know Roger and she’ll trust him to look after Brianna and Jeremiah.

Roger passed the first test in Jocasta’s book. She wanted to see how far she could push him and what his response would be. Roger proves that he loves Brianna and Jeremiah. He isn’t going to just take the insults and he’s going to do right by his family on his own. Roger is stepping up as a husband and a father and we’re here for it.