‘Outlander’ Season 7: Sam Heughan Welcomes the Arrival of His ‘Son’ on Twitter

Outlander Season 7 is in production and stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are promising a lot of new faces. The duo — who plays leads Jamie and Claire Fraser — haven’t given away any details about the “amazing actors” who will be making their debut in the upcoming season. But when some casting news recently broke, Heughan did announce the arrival of his “son” on Twitter.

Outlander Season 7 star Sam Heughan attends the season 6 FYC Screening + Panel at Television Academy's Wolf Theatre at the Saban Media Center on March 09, 2022 in North Hollywood, California
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‘Outlander’ Season 7 will introduce ‘a lot of new characters’

Now that the season 6 finale has aired on Starz, Outlander stars and the fandom are talking season 7. With the recent season being cut short due to Balfe’s pregnancy, it’s been revealed that season 7 will have four extra episodes for a total of 16.

The new season will begin with the four episodes that were supposed to be part of season 6. Then, the story will move on to the events of Diana Gabaldon’s seventh book An Echo In The Bone.

Balfe told Entertainment Weekly that “there’s a lot going on next season,” and “everybody’s really excited about it.”

“We have some amazing actors that have come in. I don’t know what we can say. Usually, we get a list of, ‘Don’t say this and don’t say that,’ but nobody said anything. Maybe we can just say everything right now,” Balfe said.

“What we can say is there will definitely be a conclusion to some of this, some of these threads will have been tied up early on. And we will then have a lot of new characters join that are going to be very meaningful to the series.”

Sam Heughan announces the arrival of his ‘son’

According to Deadline, one of the new faces in season 7 will be 21-year-old actor Charles Vandervaart. He’s been cast to play the adult version of William Ransom, Jamie’s secret son. When the outlet posted the story on Twitter, Heughan reposted the link and wrote, “Finally! Welcome “son”!”

According to executive producer Maril Davis, finding someone “with the talent and physicality to play Jamie’s son was a daunting task.” However, she says that Vandervaart’s charisma was evident during the audition process. And, they are “excited to see what he will bring to William’s multi-layered journey.”

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When viewers finally see William again — who was played as a young boy by Clark Butler and Oliver Finnegan in seasons 3 and 4, respectively — he will be arriving in Wilmington amid growing tensions in the lead up to the Revolutionary War. The character image that’s been released show’s William in a redcoat, eager to fight for the British Army against the American Colonies.

‘Outlander’ season 7 comes with big promises

For fans who need a refresher, Jamie fathered a son in season 3 during the years he and Claire were separated by time. William doesn’t know Jamie is his father, and was instead raised by Lord John Grey (David Berry) as his own child. He does have an idea of who Jamie is, but he isn’t aware of their biological link.

The return of William Ransom is just one of many storylines that will be part of season 7. Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts says he is happy to welcome Vandervaart to the cast, and he is making big promises about the upcoming season.

“We are happy to welcome Charles to the Fraser family for season seven of Outlander,” Roberts said. “Scotland will again be our production home as the Frasers and MacKenzies try to make a home against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War. This season promises more adventure, time travel, and emotional peril than any season before.”

Outlander seasons 1 through 5 are available on Netflix. Season 6 is now playing on the Starz app.

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