‘Outlander’: See the Brand-New Full Trailer for Season 5

Outlander season 5 can’t get here fast enough for eager fans. Droughtlander is almost over, and luckily a new trailer is here and it’s amazing. The premiere of season 5 will finally happen on February 16, 2020. Read on to learn all about the new trailer. There are spoilers ahead for season 5 of Outlander.

‘Outlander’ season 5 has a new trailer

The new trailer for season 5 was released on the official social media accounts. Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, took part in an introduction to the brand-new full-length trailer for season 5.

The trailer opens with Claire standing in front of a window saying, “Do you ever feel as if everything’s pointing you towards something?” We then see some flashbacks of Claire over the years in different scenes. “Space, time, history?”

There are sure to be some sweet scenes between Claire and Jamie if this trailer is anything to go on. Next, it cuts to Claire and Jamie. Claire tells him, “I am grateful for every day we have.”

“Whatever tomorrow brings, it is a blessing you came to me,” Jamie tells Claire in another sweet scene.

There are some great shots of all of our favorite characters, including Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin). Beautiful shots of the landscape are also shown that will leave viewers breathless.

Jamie Fraser faces a choice

It looks like Jamie will have to face the music and choose sides in the impending American Revolutionary War to come. “Colonel Fraser, time has come for you to fulfill your oath,” a soldier says to Jamie. “Do not disappoint me.” Jamie looks more than a little concerned.

There’s talk about going through time again

Of course, with a show involving time travel, there’s bound to be some talk about returning to their original time, and the trailer is no exception. “If there is a war, it would be safer in your time,” Jamie says to his daughter Brianna.

“You want to go back don’t you? Our family is here,” Brianna says to Roger. “You are my family,” Roger tells her in response.

There is even more talk of the future from Claire and Jamie. “What kind of world is this?” Claire says. “The only world,” Jamie tells her. “No, it isn’t,” Claire responds.

Claire works as a doctor

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan
Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

There will be more scenes of Claire working as a doctor in season 5. She’s clearly concerned for her patients. “If I am to keep people safe here, I need to know what’s causing their illnesses,” Claire tells her daughter.

“Isn’t this playing God?” Brianna asks her.

Will the Frasers try and stop a fight?

It sounds like the Frasers are struggling with more than your average issues. “I swore an oath to the crown, but I will not stand by and watch my kin killed,” Jamie says.

“People consider this to be the spark of the American Revolution. If we stop this fight now, America will never become America,” Brianna says to her father.

In another scene, Claire asks Jamie to come back home to her. “Promise, Jamie. Promise me you’re coming back,” Claire says to her husband. “I swear it,” Jamie tells her.

Things are certainly heating up on Fraser’s Ridge. Fans don’t have much longer to wait to find out how things will play out for the Frasers.