‘Ozark’ Actor Teases Return Ahead of Season 4

The anticipation for Ozark Season 4 is higher than ever with fans of the Netflix series. Starring actor Jason Bateman, the series follows Marty Byrde as he goes from a financial advisor to a money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel.

As the fourth and final season approaches, there are lots of questions surrounding the fate of the character. One thing that seems clear is that he’ll still be dealing with Agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes), who’s been hot on his tail for months.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney on 'Ozark'
Jason Bateman and Laura Linney on ‘Ozark’ | Netflix

‘Ozark’ Season 3 introduced Agent Maya Miller

Miller gets assigned to the investigation into the Byrde family after the death of FBI Agent Roy Petty in season 2. She spends much of season 3 at the casino, monitoring its financial records and the inner-workings of the business.

In the third episode, Miller, who is pregnant, approaches Marty with a deal in which he would receive a lesser prison sentence in exchange for his cooperation with the FBI. Rather than taking it, Marty tries to “turn” her on his side, but it doesn’t work.

Still, she seems to have some affection for Marty, especially considering she was the one who warned him not to go to Mexico, fearing Omar Navarro would kill him.

This raises questions about her role in season 4, including whether she’ll wind up swaying to his side. But then again, as The Daily Express notes, there were also concerns about whether she would return given she’s so far along in her pregnancy.

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‘Ozark’ Season 4’s plot

As showrunner Chris Mundy previously explained to Entertainment Weekly, season 4 “will be about if the Byrdes can they turn the biggest mistake of their lives into this huge advantage, and how much will karma catch up with them if they do?”

He wouldn’t say much more than that, but Bateman promised in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that the conclusion will be “satisfying” to viewers.

“I do know where everything is going to end,” Bateman added to IndieWire. “The specifics leading up to it, I didn’t really grind [Mundy] on. I was interested in the big question he has the opportunity to answer: Are they going to get away with it, or are they going to pay a bill? What does he want to message to the audience about the consequences of what the Byrdes have done – or lack thereof?”

He continued: “We had some great conversations about that, and he’s got really good ideas about that. Specifically, what kind of happens at the end of the last episode: I know, and it’s great.”

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Actor Jessica Frances Dukes teases her return to filming

As Ozark gears up to release season 4, which will be split into two seven-episode parts, Dukes posted an Instagram photo showing her preparing to get back to work. She noted in the caption that she’d given herself a “pep talk” before heading to film what will surely be a dramatic season. “#YouKnowThis #YouGotThis,” the post said in part.

It’ll probably be a few more months until the next season drops, but we can’t wait to see the outcome!

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