‘Ozark’ Cleverly Foreshadows Plot Spoilers In Each Episode’s Title Card

The Netflix original series Ozark first debuted in 2017. When the show begins, Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde (Jason Bateman) is a financial account in Chicago and he is an average family man. He is married to Wendy (Laura Linney); they have two kids, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner). At the beginning of the series, everything about the Byrde family seems almost ordinary, except for one thing; Marty is the top money launderer for one of the largest Mexican drug cartels.

Things quickly took a 180-degree turn, and the entire Byrde family relocate to the Missouri Ozarks so Marty could try to satisfy a drug boss by laundering money. Season three of the Netflix thriller shows that the Byrde family is way past normalcy now; they are utterly engrossed in illegal activity. By season three, the Byrde children are engaging in their parents’ money laundering business. Charlotte transforms from a disgruntled teenager into a full-fledged participant in her family’s criminal activity.

'Ozark' Season 3
‘Ozark’ Season 3 on Netflix | STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX

The ‘Ozark’ title image foreshadows each episode

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Mental Floss pointed out a clever little tidbit of information about the Ozark title cards. Each episode features a unique title card that displays meticulously chosen symbols within the ‘O’ of the title. The seemingly unrelated signs foreshadow what will happen in the episode.

Four unique icons precede each episode, and each sign provides a clue about what will happen in the installment. The title cards are designed to intrigue curious fans and encourage them to put the clues together to unravel the mystery of what will happen next. Some symbols that precede episodes in the first season include an oil spill, a shack, an open suitcase, an FBI badge, two security cameras, an empty safe, a church, and an American flag.

By examining the pictures closely and carefully considering everything that has already transpired, observant fans can analyze the images and make an educated guess about what will occur next in the Ozark storyline.

Will there be a fourth season of ‘Ozark’?

The fourth and final season of Ozark will begin filming November 9th. The 14-episode concluding season will consist of two parts, and each portion will contain seven episodes. Director and actor, Jason Bateman has stated that he won’t be directing the first two (possibly more) episodes in the upcoming season out of an abundance of caution to reduce the risk of possible coronavirus (COVID-19) implications for the cast and crew.

Filming will commence in November of this year. The current pandemic may impact the filming schedule. The cast and crew are taking every precaution to stay healthy and continue filming the show. The final season of Ozark will likely premiere on Netflix near the end of 2021.

What could happen next on ‘Ozark’?

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With one murder leading to another, season three brought Marty and Wendy to cartel boss, Omar Navarro. Some fans believe the fourth season may kick off with Marty and Wendy becoming godparents of Navarro’s son, and the event will likely end in a bloodbath. Some fans think Jonah may seek revenge on his mom for allowing Helen to kill his Uncle Ben Davis.

Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) often looked up to Marty in the first two seasons and saw him almost as a father figure to her. However, as she drew closer to Davis and yet again lost someone she cared about, she is beginning to break away from the Byrde family. Garner revealed that season four would show Langmore trusting her intuition a lot more.

The first three seasons of Ozark have left fans scouring for clues and guessing at what may happen next. The is no doubt that the final season of Ozark will be worth the wait, and the show will go out with a bang.