‘Ozark’: Fans Argue Over the ‘Single Dumbest Plot Point in the Whole Show’

Ozark Season 3 dropped on Netflix on March 27, 2020, and it was every bit as thrilling as the last two seasons. However, there’s one plotline that doesn’t quite fit. Some fans feel it was the most ridiculous addition to the show. Others think it provided the comedic relief the show needed. Let’s take a look at what it was. 

[Spoiler alert: Ozark Season 3 spoilers ahead.]

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney staring at each other in a diner
Jason Bateman and Laura Linney | Steve Dietl/Netflix

What was considered the worst plotline in ‘Ozark’ Season 3 by many fans?

Ozark Season 3 sees a new side of Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde’s (Laura Linney) relationship. Their eldest daughter, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz), insists that the two attend couples therapy. However, from the very first session, we find out that Marty is secretly paying off the therapist, Sue Shelby (Marylouise Burke). He wants her to take his side on matters while looking impartial. 

As the season progresses, Wendy ends up also bribing Sue to side with her during therapy sessions. The couple delicately avoids talking about the illegal activities going on in their life for most of the time with Sue. However, one day Marty and Wendy erupt in a fight in front of the therapist. 

Sue overhears so many incriminating details about their business that Marty pays the therapist a considerable lump sum of $100,000. Shortly after this payment, she shows up at the Byrdes home with a bright yellow McLaren 570s. The cartel’s attorney, Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), sees the interaction and then takes matters into her own hands. 

Helen schedules an appointment with Sue to see if the therapist is happy with the arrangement or wants more money. When she indicates that she could use more money, Helen orders a hit on her. The hitman, Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) books a session as well, but then kills Sue and gets rid of her body and the flashy car. 

Why do fans feel the therapist-McLaren 570s plotline was so terrible in ‘Ozark’?

Fans of Ozark believe that the car that Sue shows up in should not have been such an expensive one. Many fans feel that it makes the plotline unbelievable. 

“This car seems out-of-character for the therapist, given what we’ve seen of her and her home,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “I would have expected a character like her to make some home improvements, maybe, or take a cruise or something.” 

Others agree that the therapist plotline was interesting, but that the writers took it too far.

“Totally agree with the car, but I thought it was pretty funny in the early episodes when they were just paying her off,” added another fan. “They took it way too far to the point where the whole plot point stuck out like a sore thumb, though.”

Other fans feel the therapist, and the McLaren 570s provide comic relief in a tense series

“I thought it was hilarious and added some much needed comic relief from a very tense and pressure building show,” wrote another Redditor. “Although I agree with others here, it doesn’t make sense monetarily; they should have given her a cheaper flashy car.”

Many viewers added that the lines that Bateman inserted into the McLaren 570s car scene were some of the most hysterical. 

“It’s not a car. It’s a transformer,” Marty tells Sue. “Just get in your toy and leave.”

“Those lines were certainly among the best lines in the show,” one viewer commented. “We needed some laughs in the middle of all the f*ckery that was going on, and those lines were just perfect.”

While the scene with the car might have been a bit out there, fans loved the comic relief it provided. They will have to agree to disagree about whether it was a dumb move for the therapist to buy the car.

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