‘Ozark’ Season 3: Fans Reveal the 1 Shocking Scene They Had to Rewatch to Believe

Ozark‘s Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) are back for season 3 with more twists and turns than ever before. Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) does not let anyone walk all over her, not even the Byrdes. While the drama did get more intense, fans were not expecting this one shocking scene that they insist they had to watch over and over to believe. 

Janet McTeer and Laura Linney
Janet McTeer and Laura Linney in ‘Ozark’ Season 3 | Steve Dietl/Netflix

What happened in ‘Ozark’ Season 3?

The Byrdes’ riverboat casino is up and running; however, Marty is immediately ordered to launder money. Although, he knows the feds are breathing down his neck. Marty does as he is told, while his wife purchases another casino for the Mexican drug cartel. 

Wendy and Marty’s relationship escalates in season 3, as they both pay off a therapist to be on their side. Fans were not shocked when the cartel kills Sue Shelby (Marylouise Burke) because she is flaunting her money with the purchase of an expensive car.

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Meanwhile, Ruth is killing it as the head of the casino business — knocking Frank Cosgrove Jr. (Joseph Sikora) overboard for threatening to give them up to the feds. Except he retaliates by brutally beating her up. Marty cuts ties with the Kansas City Mafia, but it’s not enough for Ruth, who thinks that they should kill Frank Jr.

Navarro’s (Felix Solis) men capture and torture both Marty and the cartel’s attorney Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), at different times throughout the season. Wendy Byrde ordered the murder of her brother, Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey) when he threatened the money laundering business. However, that wasn’t the most shocking scene for fans.

Which ‘Ozark’ scene shocked fans the most?

The final episode of Ozark Season 3 shocked fans more than anything else. Marty and Wendy arrive in Mexico with Helen to attend Navarro’s son’s christening. When the three get out of their cars, Navarro’s hitman shoots Helen in the head. Blood spatters all over Marty and Wendy, while Navarro greets the couple with a group hug, “Today is a beginning.”

I would rewind and rewind, over and over again — Helen’s death,” one Reddit user wrote. “Am I the only one? I was so taken back by it that I just kept rewatching it.”

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Other fans agreed that it was an intense and shocking moment. Helen and the Byrdes were at odds upon leaving the country to fly to Mexico. However, it wasn’t apparent who Navarro was going to side with — or that he would kill the other party immediately.

“I had to watch it immediately after I first saw it,” another Redditor agreed. “It’s the first time I used the 10 second feature. I think I actually said ‘naaaaaaw.'”

Fans want a behind the scenes look at the special effects of the last scene

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“I did too! I actually watched it frame-by-frame a few times because I love special effects, and I wanted to see how they pulled off the shot,” another fan added. “I searched for a behind-the-scenes clip of how they did it, but couldn’t find anything.”

There is not a behind-the-scenes look at the shocking scene, yet, but hopefully, it is coming. All three seasons of Ozark are streaming on Netflix.