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In Netflix’s hit series Ozark, there is certainly a lot of action, but usually there is an explanation for why things happen the way they do. However, some fans think they have found a plot hole in the show that occurred in the season 2 finale. Read on to learn all the details.

There is an explosion in the season 2 finale

In the season 2 finale, the offices of the Byrdes are blown up by the KC Mob. Fans were assuming they would get some closure with this situation, but it never comes in season 3. The Byrdes continue using those same offices that were supposedly blown up in the season 2 finale. This of course is confusing and fans definitely noticed.

Fans weigh in on a possible plot hole involving that explosion in the season 2 finale

Sofia Hublitz, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Skylar Gaertner
Sofia Hublitz, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Skylar Gaertner | Tina Rowden/Netflix

Fans want to know what’s up with the explosion and why nothing ever comes from it. Marty (Jason Bateman) and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) have been known to get revenge and deal with a lot of sticky situations that are less than ideal. It’s hard to believe they wouldn’t have handled the explosion in some way.

“Am I the only one who notices a huge hole in the plot?” a Reddit user asked in a post. “In the end of season 2, the KC Mob exploded Marty’s office. Now, in season 3 they didn’t mention anything about it and Marty’s office is just fine.”

The KC Mob blows up the office and then it’s never mentioned again

Fans talk about the situation in numerous Reddit threads as well. Fans wonder how things could just be brushed under the rug like it’s nothing with no information on what happened after the explosion.

“So in S2 Episode 10 ‘The Gold Coast’ we see a scene where Frank Cosgrove drives off from Marty’s office and blows it up,” a Reddit user said. “I’m currently on S3 Episode 2 but they’re in the perfectly untouched, standing office. Am I confused? What happened?”

Fans find the whole thing ‘ridiculous’


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Is it a plot hole or just lazy writing? One fan points out that if the office was rebuilt, why wasn’t the explosion at least explained further? It seemed like a big deal at the end of season 2. What was the point of it all in the first place?

“I was just thinking about this,” a Reddit user agreed. “It seems ridiculous that the office is not only the same location, but rebuilt on the interior to look exactly like it was when Marty first rented it. This feels like either a plot hole or just a lazy way to reuse the same set. Anyway, even if we accept that the office was rebuilt, it feels like this scene was a complete dead end in the last episode of season 2.”

“I wondered the same! Like, what the hell? They just didn’t address it?” another fan wondered on Reddit.

One fan thinks the damage could have been fixed by the KC Mob after the explosion, even though it is never mentioned. “KC Mob blew it up. KC Mob got paid to build it back,” a fan said about the situation.

Fans still wonder about the explosion at the end of season 2 of Ozark. It was never mentioned again and some fans think it may be a plot hole.