‘Ozark’ Season 4: Chris Mundy, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney Discuss the Netflix Series Ending

Netflix will release the final episodes of Ozark soon. During Deadline’s Contenders Television event 2022, Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy, executive producer and star Jason Bateman, and actor Laura Linney, who directed an episode in the final season, spoke about the Netflix series ending. Find out what they will miss most about working on the drama. Plus, what Bateman hopes the Ozark cast and crew take with them from their experience. 

'Ozark' stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney at the Netflix TCA event in 2018
Jason Bateman & Laura Linney | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

‘Ozark’s final season premieres on April 29

The first half of Ozark Season 4 came out on Jan. 21, 2022. The final seven episodes will be released on April 29, 2022, giving the fourth season 14 episodes in total. 

There’s a lot to address in the final episodes of the Netflix series, including that car accident the Byrdes get into in the season 4 premiere. As Mundy previously teased to Entertainment Weekly, “the final seven [episodes] are about at what time is it healthy to stay in, and at what time is it healthy to get out, in terms of that partnership? I really think the back seven is pretty intensely about marriage and family.”

Laura Linney will miss ‘getting better as an actor’ while working on ‘Ozark’ 

During Deadline’s Contenders panel on April 9, Linney spoke about the alignment between the cast and crew on the set of Ozark. “It rarely ever happens where you can go back to a show year after year and feel like you can get better as an actor,” she admitted. 

'Ozark' actor, director, and co-executive producer Laura Linney speaks at the Deadline Contenders event in 2022
Laura Linney | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Deadline Hollywood

Linney says that everyone working on the show knew they had something special from day one. Of course, she’ll also miss working with the talented people who brought the Ozark story to life. “It’s starting to hurt more and more,” Linney said of the end. “I miss everyone.”

‘Ozark’ showrunner Chris Mundy talks about the ‘real friendship’ that formed on set 

During the Ozark panel, Mundy echoed Linney’s sentiments, adding how the cast and crew formed close bonds on and off the set. “When you hang out together, life is just better,” he said of his Ozark family. “It’s not just the work stuff. There’s real friendship and interest in the world. It’s changed all of our lives a little bit.”

Jason Bateman hopes to mimic what the Netflix series has become in the future 

The last to answer the question about what he’ll miss most, Bateman agreed with Mundy and Linney. But more than that, Bateman is hopeful the Ozark cast will take what they’ve learned and apply it to future projects. 

“It’s an incredible group that hopefully … we will all take that example to our future projects and try to have the legacy of this show live on in that sense,” said Bateman. “We have proof that it can work this way.” 

He referenced the “old-school cliche” of directors and showrunners “screaming and yelling on set,” which didn’t happen on the set of Ozark. “That’s the other part I’ll miss,” Bateman added. “The ability to execute and the level of precision we dared to try for from the very start.”

Catch up on previous seasons of Ozark on Netflix before the second half of season 4 premieres on April 29. 

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