‘Ozark’ Season 4: ‘House of Cards’ Star Robin Wright Was Asked to Direct the Final 2 Episodes of Part 1

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 featured two thrilling cliffhanger episodes directed by House of Cards star Robin Wright. And as revealed by showrunner Chris Mundy, Wright was asked to direct the new season because of her work on Netflix’s award-winning political series. 

‘Ozark’ is the second Netflix show after ‘House of Cards’ Robin Wright has directed 

'House of Cards' and 'Ozark' director Robin Wright
‘House of Cards’ and ‘Ozark’ director Robin Wright | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Wright is an award-winning actor most known for portraying Princess Buttercup in the ’80s film, The Princess Bride. She’s appeared in several popular projects over the years, including Forrest Gump, Wonder Woman, and Blade Runner 2049

But Wright wowed audiences in 2013 when she took on the role of Claire Underwood in Netflix’s first original series, House of Cards. Her mesmerizing performance earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 2014. And with the show, Wright cemented herself as a director — helming a total of 10 episodes over six seasons, including the series finale.

‘Ozark’ showrunners asked Robin Wright to direct 

After seeing Wright’s brilliant work on House of Cards, Ozark showrunners felt she’d be a great director to work with. And as Mundy told The Hollywood Reporter, they had hoped she would start with season 3.

“We almost had her direct in season three,” he said. “She’s a really good director, and we knew people who worked with her on House of Cards.” 

“It was just like, ‘We’ve got 14 episodes, let’s get her if we can,’ because we knew she was really talented,” Mundy recalled when talking about Ozark Season 4. “She’s obviously a great actress too — she’s able to pull great performances out of people. She came in and was so easy on a set. Both like personally and professionally. She was awesome.” 

Robin Wright is also a big fan of the show

Mundy and the rest of the Ozark team were fans of Wright’s work, but the feeling is mutual. In an interview with Collider, she admitted that she’d been a fan of the series from the beginning. And she revealed how thrilled she was to work with the cast and crew. 

“It’s one of my favorite shows and has been from Episode 1, Season 1,” Wright said. “And I just love that cast so much and the style of the show. And you think, ‘Well, is it possible that something could be darker than House of Cards?’ Yes, this one!”


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“So maybe that’s of interest,” she added. “It’s all the kind of conditioning I have, I don’t know. I just love the show and respect that group of actors on it so much, so I’m really honored and excited to be able to direct a little bit of Season 4.”

What is the ‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 2 release date? 

Wright’s final two episodes highlighted the exciting chain events that will lead to the conclusion of the Byrdes’ story. Ozark Season 4 Part 2 doesn’t have an official premiere date just yet. But it is expected to drop sometime in 2022. 

There is some speculation that the series will return in Spring, just in time to make the Emmy eligibility window, which closes on May 31.