‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 2: When Will the Trailer Arrive?

The first half of Ozark Season 4 dropped just days ago, on Jan. 21. But many viewers have already binged it and are eager to learn more about what to expect when the remaining episodes arrive. When will the trailer for Ozark Season 4 Part 2 come out? How will that cliffhanger be resolved? What ultimately happens to Marty and Wendy and their family? Here’s what we’ve been able to gather so far.

Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in 'Ozark'
Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in ‘Ozark’ | Steve Dietl/Netflix

How ‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 1 sets up the series finale

This season of Ozark flashed forward to find the Byrdes preparing to leave the Ozarks and return to Chicago. They were driving in their van discussing the move when a semi-truck suddenly swerved into their lane. Marty veered the car to the right in an attempt to avoid the crash, but the car flipped and landed in a ditch. It’s still unclear whether there are any survivors.

The show then cut back to the moments after Helen Pierce’s death. Meeting up with the Byrdes, Omar Navarro told them he planned to step back from the organization and asked for help transitioning to a legitimate life. They managed to pull off the impossible, but in a surprise twist, Maya Miller reneged on the deal and had the FBI arrest Navarro.

With that, Navarro’s nephew, Javi Elizonndro, became his replacement and immediately started reorganizing. His first order of business was killing Darlene Snell over her refusal to stop drug dealing on cartel land and unfortunately, Wyatt Langmore got caught in the crossfire. Now, Ruth Langmore is set on revenge against Javi, despite Marty and Wendy’s warnings.

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When will Netflix release the trailer for ‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 2?

It’s unclear when the trailer for Ozark Season 4 Part 2 will drop, but we can assume it will be within the next few months, considering they usually come out ahead of the premiere. While the release date for the second half is also uncertain, showrunner Chris Mundy confirmed it will air sometime in 2022.

“We’re finished making it; that’s the easy part to answer,” he told The Daily Beast of the status of Ozark Season 4 Part 2. “I don’t know for sure when it’s going to come out. I have a vague notion, and it won’t be a crazy long wait again. Netflix hasn’t announced it officially and figured it out. But the good news is that it’ll be sooner rather than later.”

When the interviewer remarked that “that sounds more like this year rather than next year,” Mundy confirmed it would indeed release in 2022. “I can say that with confidence,” he added.

What to expect in the second half of the season

Elsewhere, Mundy teased the fate of the Byrde family and Ruth.

“I think the trajectory we’re looking at in the end is people making a lot more choices than usual,” he explained. “There’s been an element throughout the course of the show that the Byrdes were just reacting, trying to scramble to stay upright and alive. As we go into the back seven, it really becomes about what’s worth it.”

“If we’re saying we’re doing this for our family, what are we really doing if our family’s falling apart?” he asked hypothetically. “And for Marty to kind of look at his marriage with Wendy and say, when is unconditional love healthy, and when is it really not healthy? At what point should I choose something else over this marriage?”

“For Ruth, she’s got to decide: Is revenge against Javi, and against the Byrdes, worth blowing everything else up? Who is my family now?” he added. “She’s kind of lost her family, and in a lot of ways, Marty has been the closest thing to a surrogate family for her, and she’s not reacting anymore; she’s making choices. So, I think in the back seven, it comes a lot more choiceful as we roll downhill toward the end.”

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