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Starz’s new drama series P-Valley debuted in July 2020, and it became one of the biggest shows on TV. Set in Chucalissa, Mississippi, the series reveals a world that had never been seen before on television. The show centers around The Pynk, the highly popular strip club in Chucalissa on the verge of closings its doors.

Throughout the eight-episode first season, fans learned about Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan), the club’s gender-non-conforming owner, and the women who worked for her. Mercedes (Brandee Evans) is the club’s headliner, who is finally retiring and opening her own business. Keyshawn (Shannon Thorton), is a woman in the midst of a highly abusive relationship. Gidget (Skyler Joy) takes care of her mother, who is dealing with addiction. Then, there is the mysterious Autumn Knight (Elarica Johnson).

When Autumn arrives at The Pynk, she brings a whole lot of drama with her, including her dark past and volatile estranged husband, Montavius (Cranston Johnson). During the season 1 finale, it appears that Autumn and Mercedes get the best of Montavious, but is he really dead?

The women of 'P-Valley' in a scene at The Pynk
P-Valley | Starz

Inside Autumn Night’s backstory on ‘P-Valley’

P-Valley is based on creator and showrunner Katori Hall’s play Pu**y Valley. However, when the Tina: The Tina Turner Musical scribe transformed the play for television, she changed several things, including Autumn’s backstory.

On the show, it’s clear that she’s running from the volatile Montavius and that she’s lost her child in the process. We also discover that her given name is actually Hailey, and she takes her child’s name, Autumn, as a cover. In the play, however, her backstory is a bit more intricate.

“We changed characters and gave some characters different backstories,” Hall told Free The Work. “[For example] in the play version, Autumn Night was an elementary school teacher who was just curious about the world. In the TV version, she is this woman running from a dark past, and she uses the strip club as a way to hide in plain sight.”

Is Montavius really dead on ‘P-Valley’?

At the end of Season 1, Montavious finally tracks down Autumn at The Pynk and he’s not happy about the fact that she’s run off with her child and stolen his money. There was a big confrontation in one of The Pynk’s backrooms. Though the audience sees blood and Mercedes and Autumn are still standing at the end of the episode, Montavious’s death is still up in the air.

“I think time will reveal what truly happened in the Paradise Room, but there are so many levels to what happened and what the cover-up is, and who has been a part of the cover-up,” Hall told Thrillist. “I’m just really excited to see how people react. Because that’s going to be the big question: Who shot Montavius? Is Montavius dead?”


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What will ‘P-Valley’ Season 2 be about?

Season 2 of P-Valley is set to begin filming in June 2021 in Atlanta. There are still a ton of questions that the series needs to answer including Montavius’ demise, what Mercedes will do about her mother’s betrayal, and Uncle Clifford’s relationship with Lil Murda (Alphonse Nicholson).

If Montavious is still alive, we expect him to reemerge since Autumn used his money to save The Pynk. “[Autumn] came in getting her a** smacked on the dance floor and now, she has some ownership in the club,” Hall explained to ELLE. “The power dynamics at the club have completely changed and to see Uncle Clifford and Hailey fight over the throne will be stuff of legends.”