‘P-Valley’: John Clarence Stewart Knew Big Teak’s Story Would Come to an End

Starz’s P-Valley is one of the most riveting dramas on television. Created by Katori Hall and set in the fictional town of Chucalissa, Mississippi, the series is a character study of Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annon), the non-gender conforming owner of the popular strip club The Pynk, and all of the people who orbit around it.

In season 1, Uncle Clifford struck up a secret romantic relationship with Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson), an emerging rapper. However, Lil Murda’s reluctance to go public about his sexuality destroyed their relationship. In the second season, Murda reconnected with his best friend and former lover, Big Teak (John Clarence Stewart). Now Stewart is getting candid about his character’s tragic ending.

John Clarence Stwart as Big Teak and J. Alphonse Nicholson as Lil Murda do a handshake in 'P-Valley'
John Clarence Stwart as Big Teak and J. Alphonse Nicholson as Lil Murda in ‘P-Valley’ | Starz

‘P-Valley’ center’s on stories about the Black American community

From the beginning, P-Valley has been a series that has centered on the Black community and Black stories. Before the season began, BET reported that this season unpacks “physical and emotional abuse, trust and abandonment issues, and the debilitating matter of police brutality against Black people in America.”

So far, we’ve seen our favorite characters’ reactions to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, police brutality and so much more. Now, John Clarence Stewart, who portrayed the pivotal character Big Teak is talking about his character’s heartbreaking end.

John Clarence Stewart knew Big Teak’s story would come to an end

In episode 206, “Savage,” Big Teak and Lil Murda spend the day together. Though they are celebrating the release of Lil Murda’s new song with Tina Snow (Megan Thee Stallion), Lil Murda realizes at some point that something is off. Despite all of his efforts and at the end of the episode, Lil Murda is unable to stop Big Teak from taking his own life.

Stewart always knew that his character’s story would come to an end. “I knew what I signed on for. Katori told me it was going to be five episodes and be very finite,” he told Entertainment Weekly. She told me what her intentions were for the character and my mission was set before day one. I didn’t know how it was going to end, but I knew it was going to end. When I read what was Big Teak’s final episode, I was actually in Vancouver in my trailer and I remember breaking down in the trailer. I texted Katori and was like, “Wow, wow, wow.” It felt so true.”

The actor explained that he is still grappling with fans’ reactions. He said, “I’ve heard and read comments of people wishing that he didn’t do it, and he could have received what [Lil Murda] was saying, wishing he had therapists. The truth is he didn’t have those tools.”


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Here’s what we know about ‘P-Valley’ episode 207

In the wake of Big Teak’s death, Lil Murda returned home to Chucalissa and into the arms of Uncle Clifford. Episode 207 is titled “Jackson.” The show’s official description reads, “Uncle Clifford wrestles with her future while opening the door to the past. Meanwhile, Mercedes struggles with the complexities of motherhood.”

In a previous episode, we did a deep dive into the past with Miss Mississippi (Shannon Thornton), and now it appears that we will get more of Uncle Clifford’s backstory.

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