‘P-Valley’ Season 2: 5 Questions That Need to Be Answered When the Show Returns

P-Valley quickly became one of the most in-demand TV shows when it premiered on Starz in July 2020. Created by playwright Katori Hall, it centers the employees of the Chucalissa, Mississippi strip club The Pynk. In the time since its release, P-Valley has grown to be a huge hit with fans and critics. With a gripping story and action-packed episodes, the show keeps viewers interested and wanting more. But to sustain that, P-Valley Season 2 will have to answer at least five questions when it airs.

A photo from 'P-Valley'
A photo from ‘P-Valley’ | Starz

What happened to Montavius?

The season 1 finale ended with a huge fight between Montavius and Hailey (aka Autumn). After tracking her to Mississippi, Montavius violently confronted and cornered his ex in a back room at the club. He was heavily injured amid the ensuing brawl, but the end result was never revealed.

Going by the amount of blood shown, it seems highly unlikely that he survived. Moving forward, the show will have to reveal what exactly happened in the Paradise Room and the reaction to it — whether from law enforcement, the Delta Devoted gang, or those involved.

Will Autumn continue to dance?

After the fight with Montavius, Autumn took the money he was out for and used it to buy back the club, which was up for auction after Uncle Clifford fell behind on the payments. Now that she’s part owner of The Pynk, we’re naturally wondering about her future as a dancer. Will she continue to work the floor? Or will she be behind the desk?

Beyond that, there’s also the question of what happens with her relationship with Andre. The last time he was seen, he was heading out the door following a failed bid to turn The Pynk and its land into a casino. However, he was such a central figure in season 1 that it’s hard to imagine that was the last of him. Perhaps Mayor Ruffin will come up with a new plan for him and his nephew.

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Where does Keyshawn go from here?

Another change within The Pynk involves Keyshawn — a shy, less-popular dancer who eventually became a big deal at the club. Blue Guap wants to sign her to a music deal, but she’s conflicted about what to do.

During the conversation with Blue Guap, she got into a fight with her jealous boyfriend Derrick. Tired of seeing Keyshawn mistreated, Diamond tried to stick up for her, but Keyshawn chose to go back with Derrick in a move that stunned everyone.

What happens with Mercedes and her family?

At the top of the season, Mercedes had a plan: She was going to quit the club and open a gym, which would give her the stability needed to regain custody of her daughter. But her dream shattered when her mother, Patrice, stole her money.

Now, she’ll seemingly have to start all over and rebuild her life from the ground up — unless she takes Coach up on his offer.

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Are Uncle Clifford and Lil’ Murda over?

Lastly, we need clarity around the status of Uncle Clifford’s relationship with Lil’ Murda, who coldly dissed the former in the season 1 finale. His actions resulted in a blowup between them in which Uncle Clifford blasted Lil’ Murda about not being ready for a relationship.

“You Lil’ Murda now, not Lamarcus. What a privilege it was getting to know him. What a joy. Because Lamarcus was ready. This Lil Murda character, that’s the face you show me first. I don’t know about him,” she said.

Hopefully, season 2 will offer up answer to these questions and more. We’ll see.