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When it comes to the most disliked characters on P-Valley, Patrice Woodbine is certainly up high on the list. The side-eye toward her has seriously been sharper than a stiletto ever since last season when she ran off with Mercedes’ money — even if she felt she was putting it to good use to open her church. But in a sneak peek of P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3, it looks like she might actually become The Pynk’s savior in its fight against casino developers.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of P-Valley.]

The cast of 'P-Valley' Season 2 poses at The Pynk
The ‘P-Valley’ Season 2 cast | Starz

Watch a preview for the next episode of ‘P-Valley’ Season 2

Going into P-Valley Season 2, some viewers thought the battle had ended since Hailey had saved the club at the auction. But the Kyles are determined to see the casino through, especially after Mayor Ruffin’s death.

In an exclusive first look at the next episode, Wayne Kyle is seen at a church picnic ahead of the election, talking to various members of the Chucalissa community. He is quickly called out by Pastor Woodbine, who is clearly not a fan of his idea to bring a casino to town.

He responds with a snappy comment about how she’s the only reason it’s even on the ballot, but she leaves him speechless after a quip about how he became the interim mayor. Get a look at what happens here.

The casino plan in ‘P-Valley’ Season 2 was fully broken down by the show’s creator

Before the show returned in June, P-Valley creator Katori Hall gave an overview of what would exactly be happening with the casino this season.

“With the casino, the referendum that gets on the mayoral ballot that Uncle Clifford and Patrice Woodbine were able to bring about — that’s one of the big storylines of the season: how the people of Chucalissa are going to weigh in and decide on whether or not the casino is going to move forward,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“The election is the backdrop to this huge conflict between Hailey, who has the Pynk — she has the things [the casino] needs,” Hall continued. “They need waterfront property, and the Pynk is on the water. We’ll see her and Corbin [Kyle] go toe-to-toe, and we’ll see Corbin even try to lay down some money and take the Pynk for himself. That’s also going to be one of the big storylines.”

“But Hailey is always out for herself, so she would never, ever, ever sell to someone like Corbin,” she added. “She wants to deal with the big dogs. She wants to deal with the casino developers themselves. But as we know, Uncle Clifford ain’t interested in selling. So that’s always going to be the core of that conflict between Uncle Clifford and Hailey. Who really is the savior of the Pynk?”

In the latest episode, viewers watched Hailey turn down Corbin’s offer for The Pynk. She argued that it was worth way more — $10 million to be exact — but Corbin didn’t bite, finding the number laughable.

The ‘P-Valley’ Season 2 trailer

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A new episode will air this Sunday

P-Valley will be back on Starz on Sunday, June 19, with new episodes releasing weekly. In addition to the drama over the casino, the episode will also chronicle the aftermath of Mercedes kicking Hailey out, Big Teak’s release from prison, and Keyshawn leaving for tour. Viewers can see the official teaser for the episode on the show’s YouTube page and find past episodes of the series now on Starz.