‘P-Valley’: Season 2 Episode 5 Preview

Starz‘s P-Valley centers on the popular strip club The Pynk, the club’s owners Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) and Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson), and the women that work for them. However, it looks like The Pynk might be closing for good.

Also, Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Richardson) might not have the reunion we had been hoping for. Here’s what we know about episode 204 before it airs Sunday, July 3.

Shannon Thornton appears as her character Keyshawn in 'P-Valley.' She's standing outside of a dollar store wearing a crop top and jeans with her phone in her hand.
Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn in ‘P-Valley’ | Starz

‘P-Valley’ Season 2 is leaning into horror

In addition to addressing real-life themes like police brutality and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, P-Valley Season 2 is also leaning into elements of horror. After all, following the deadly shooting at Murda Night, The Pynk is now a haunted space.

“Some things went down,” P-Valley creator Katori Hall told ET Online. “We really wanted to embrace horror and the tropes of horror in order to really articulate how people were haunted on an individual level, but also this is a community that is haunted,” Hall continues. “In Mississippi, even now, they’re haunted by the original sin of slavery and we’re delving into the injustice system that’s still present not only in Mississippi but quite frankly around the world.” 

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‘P-Valley’ Season 2 Episode 5 is titled ‘White Nights’

From the looks of the teaser trailer, it appears that much of episode 205 “White Nights” will center on Keyshawn aka Miss Mississippi after she returns home from tour. Apparently, Starz is being very protective of this episode and giving very little away.

The official logline for episode 205 simply reads, “Sit on down and get ready to learn the history of Mississippi…”

Since they are giving so little away from the episode, we’re just going to assume that it’s going to be explosive. We just hope that Keyshawn doesn’t find herself in harm’s way regarding her abusive boyfriend Derrick (Jordan Cox).

The drama series centers on the Black experience

As we move through this season, it’s clear how much Katori Hall places importance on centering the Black experience. She has also been careful to make sure that Black people are not presented as a monolith.

“The coronavirus is a virus that I think exposed a more regular violence, which is racism,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “And as a Black writer, it is important that I be responsible with my eyes and with my platform, and all of us — whether you were Black or white, but mostly folks within my community — we were traumatized and have been traumatized by police brutality.”

Hall added that specificity is also essential to her storytelling. “I feel like it’s so important as a creator to be specific about the world you’re reflecting,” she says. “And I think there’s great universality in specificity. The more grounded you are in the truth of a community, I think that’s when someone from the outside can feel like, ‘Oh, this is really real,’ and respect it even more. Oftentimes our particular experiences have not only have not been reflected but it’s been invisible. And that makes you feel and be invisible.”

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